Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good day to be naked

It was a hot one today! We still haven't hooked up the air conditioner. It is sitting on the bedroom floor just waiting to be used. I suppose now would be the time but I just can't seem to make myself (or Kevin) put it in. It would probably help to keep the smell of our our late night visitor out of the room. We have had a little skunk issue lately. I think it might live under the back porch. It definitely roams around in very close vicinity to my bedroom window, nightly, around 2am. Eliot has been sleeping pretty well lately..maybe there is a correlation??

Otherwise, it feels like it has been a busy week. I have been in recovery mode from all of the activities the last two weeks.
We took a little trip up to the Yarmouth Clam Festival. That was fun. I always go to get my once yearly fix of fried dough. I did without the cotton candy this time but it did cross my mind. I think Eliot enjoyed the business and bright colors as much as I enjoyed my snack.

Look at that determined face! He has been fascinated by my sewing activities lately. This sewing box was a great find at the 75 State Street yard sale they had a while back. I got it for 10 Cents! It has come in very handy.

Today we spent some time at Grammies house doing laundry. He wandered around outside and spent most of his time with a bare bottom. It was a nice day to wander without clothes. My mother was a good sounding board for the little things I am working on.

It is supposed to be another beautiful hot few days around here and I am trying to line up a date with Daddy-O tomorrow night for the Art Walk. I hope the babysitting stars align just right!

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