Monday, August 27, 2007


There was a lot of visiting this week(end). My Cousin was up visiting with her two children and husband. We went to the park at Fort Williams to see the light house and the rocky beach. Eliot had fun eating more rocks as usual. Someone had spent a lot of time building a really interesting rock pile/sculpture with the rounded beach stones. It was as tall, if not taller, than me and quite intricate. There were also a lot of yellow weedy flowers that looked striking against the gray stones.

I have gotten most of my little present done for the winner of the word contest tonight. I will take some pictures and post them after it arrives so that I don't ruin the surprise : )

Have a good night everyone!


Heather said...

Loved the pictures. the rocks are so pretty. i have a picture of one of my sons eating a stone just like that! i think the kids love the salt taste?

Jess said...

He loves his rocks! I am glad, at least, he is starting to examine them first before putting them in the mouth. I also figure by the time he has his second set he, hopefully, will not be a rock eater heehee..

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