Monday, March 24, 2008

lots of catch up..and... news..

i was feeling a little self portrait-y tonight and played around in photo shop for this one. i havent taken a picture of myself for the purpose of simply taking a picture of myself in a long time. i used to have to do it in art school all the time. it is good practice, i think. this wound up being a reflection of sleep deprivation more than self reflection. however, eliot has been sleeping a lot better lately, i must admit.

easter binging.
visit from uncle tim and aunt trisha.

working on a new duvet cover for spring. this is a sheet i found while out thrifting. i hope i actually get it done before the end of the season. i mean really, it's about 10 minutes worth of sewing. i was testing out my camera's ability to take multiple shots in a row to document my little bed hopper. eliot thought the sound was hilarious. i'll have to remember that next time i try and take a 'good' picture of not in halloween clothing.

some cut outs for a new stuffed animal i am working on for a little girl.

i had to have a jump on the bed too...

and...the big news...we have a DATE.. woo hoo. this is a big deal because we have been planning a wedding for about 2 years now that never seems to materialize. now.. we have no choice but to get to it. it is going to be August, 30 at Ft. Williams. that is a weight off.

Monday, March 17, 2008

sleep and other news

eliot slept all night last night! it happened once while we were gone this weekend but i didnt get the matching hours. last night however, i did manage to get a good night sleep with my only interuptions being bathroom breaks and telling kevin to roll over and quit snoring. both of which i can do without really waking up. granted, eliot got up at 4 but, beggars cant be choosers.

the block stacks continue to multiply around the house and they are being built with very cute socks on. these cute little socks came from my mother. she didnt knit them but boy are they cute and also made from recycled yarn.

our trip away was nice this past weekend. it was 60 degrees when we arrived on friday. that was great! walking around without coats and letting eliot stomp in as many puddles he could find was fantastic. the crocuses are out down there too. what a breath of fresh air that was. of course, we have another month or two of winter here before we see flowers again.

back to the routine. hopefully the good nights sleep continue and we have an early spring!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

worker bee

eliot has a new favorite pass time, instead of pretending he is a truck. with a little help from daddy he has been making massive towers. sometimes they double as cell phones (see the executive post below).

and a little pirate embroidery for a friend's sweatshirt.

we are off to the cape this weekend so it will light posting until next week. have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday, March 08, 2008


the truck/tractor obsession continues. i think its anything with wheels, really. today, when we ventured out before the rain, he beelined it right to a brand new bmw and checked out the tires. he has also taken to flapping his wings like a bird trying to take off if we try to redirect him , hold his hand or pick him up if he doesn't want to be. im afraid we are raising a very dramatic child. he has mastered the fake cry and fake tantrum like a pro. it is hard not to laugh, which is exactly what he is going for in most cases. i need to get the video camera out and figure out how to download the antics.

here are my favorite pants. i have ripped them in too many places to be worn any longer. today i bit the bullet and cut them up in hopes that i can create a pattern and make a new pair. i really hope it works!

and here is the pile of cut out pieces for the dress i am working on. it is less of a pile as of nap time this morning. i was able to get the back darts sewn, the front sewn to the back and one sleeve 80% done. it has been fun sewing something a little different for a change.

and per request here is the meatball recipe: it is based on the recipe in martha stewarts new cook book 'great foods fast'. i highly recommend it!

1pkg ground turkey
1/2 white onion finely chopped
1 egg
large dash of milk (1/4-1/3 cup)
3/4 cup bread crumbs (i used italian style)

large can crushed tomatoes
3 or 4 cloves garlic
olive oil
italian herbs
3-4 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
salt and pepper

start the sauce in a large deep skillet. cook the garlic in the oil for a minute or two then add the tomatoes and herbs. let it simmer while you make the meatballs.

in a bowl add all of the ingredients listed under the meatball section above. mix it up really well and then form into balls adding them to the sauce as you go along. cover and cook for about 25 minutes stirring and turning the meatballs so they cook evenly. add the parsley to the sauce toward the end of the cooking time and serve over pasta.

this is so easy and its really tasty. i think a nice variation would be to spice up the sauce a bit with some red pepper flakes but i doubt the kiddo would like it as much :).

Thursday, March 06, 2008

wedding plans

this is camp soci in yarmouth. we looked at it as a potential wedding location. it might be a little on the small side but the price is right at $50 per day to rent. i am waiting to hear from the park coordinator to see if it is a possibility.

i was trying to imagine it during the summer with flowers and trees all in full green mode.

scraps of fabric are starting to pile up around my craft area. there is a lot of waste in the fabric biz i think. i havent thrown any thing away in hopes that i will someday get the motivation to so something like these. This woman is an amazing quilt artist.

tonight we went on the art walk. the day where the galleries open their doors and have openings. it was fun but still a little much for eliot so close to bedtime. i also made some yummy turkey meatballs for dinner and cut out the fabric for the dress pattern i mentioned in an earlier post. hopefully i will get some sewing time tomorrow during eliot's nap. if anyone wants the meatball recipe let me know (its really good!).

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

trudging along

winter is marching along outside with bouts of snow then sleet then rain. little by little the mountain of snow in the parking lot next door is turning into a pool in the middle of the sidewalk. eliot finds it fascinating. we took him for a well visit the other day and the little guy still only weighs in at 21lbs. he is almost 3 feet though, especially when he walks on his tip toes.
otherwise, all is well in baby health.

this below is me as a little dr. i was digging around through old pictures my dad sent to me a while back. i remember that doll pretty clearly, and that table.. very seventies.

a little bunny has been somewhat of a challenge lately. i have been having a lot of struggle trying to decide where to go with it and how i want to proceed. i had a good 'liberal arts education' moment with Ann Veronica. as i mentioned, i went in and showed samples and they placed a small order (12 pieces, 6 outfits). i agreed to a fairly lousy consignment deal (50/50) just to have a deadline and keep working..get stuff out there etc. once they got the order they decided it was out of their price range after all and they wouldnt be taking them! a really aggravating experience. i think they were expecting me to lower my prices but i was giving them a really good deal. i didnt want to burn any bridges but i did let them know i wish they had though about their price point a little more before they placed the order. i tried to turn it into a positive experience by having her show me what sells in that shop and why. that did, at least, give me some frame of reference. ah well... hopefully i can get them in another shop.

this has made me question my attachments to the designs and fabrics etc. i dont want to cheapen them by using lower quality fabrics etc but i think i do need to come up with better fabric suppliers. learning as i go....

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