Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Camera is back in action! Eliot is getting bigger and bigger.. I am a little under the weather so this is breif. But..I won't leave you without a picture..

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I think I may be at the bottom of the camera problem. I think it is the battery. Kevin has a friend who works at a local photo studio so we stopped in and he borrowed my battery for the weekend to test in his camera. Nada.. no juice aparently. So... I am now going to buy a new battery in hopes that it is not the charger or something else. I could use a back up anyway. In baby news Eliot is growing by leaps and bounds. He rolled onto his side with purpose today.. I don't think it is going to be too long before he rolls over. When we were at the studio they asked if they could call us if they needed a baby model! So funny, but as Kevin said a good way to get nice pro pictures of him. On other photo news I am taking pictures at a wedding this comming summer. That is great.. I want to buy a flash kit. My crafts are still taking a back seat at the moment but I am thinking about them a great deal. I think I need to give myself small goals.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sorry for the lack of pictures.. the camera is still not fixed. Lots of changes afoot around here soon I think. As for me, working on trying to get my schedule worked out. I am trying to get down with some of the hats and mittens I keep talking about. Not as easily done when all I want to do is come home and veg out with the kiddo. We are starting to try and get down to business as far as wedding planning goes. That will be a big project in itself. Finding a location is our first task..any suggestions?? We are thinking something by the ocean..cheapish...fallish..bbqish...certainly casual. Two lights is a possibility..good picture taking options..

Friday, January 12, 2007

My camera still isn't fixed yet so I have been taking pictures with the new camera phone. They are so bad! Plus I can't download them w/o the 30$ software which I just can seem to get motivated to buy. That would probably cover my shipping to Canon to get the real camera fixed...sigh...I'm itching to use the new lens and I think I am going to buy the flash kit I want if I end up getting booked for a wedding next fall. I have a head shot to do for another person too which really can't be done on a camera phone..

All in all this has been a long, hard week for me. It was my first full week back to work. Even though it was part time it is still really hard to be away from Eliot. My gut just says it's not where I am supposed to be. It is hard to justify although having just bought a new car I really don't have much of a choice. Why can't I seem to make a living doing what I want to do? I wonder sometimes what would happen if I really put my mind to it...The next few weeks will be very telling as far as Kevin going back to school and babysitters.. I am trying not to be too stressed out about it. I think I might propose bringing him to work for a day to see how it goes. If it goes well maybe that will be a possibility. Then I could stay there longer days and let Kevin actually get some sleep and study time. I don't know if Eliot will cooperate with that plan!

Sorry I don't have any new pictures to show : (

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! Happy New Year everyone. I am bad at making resolutions but maybe posting more will be one of them? I would like to resolve to get more of my craft projects done but I think I have my hands full at the moment...

It has been busy around here. My camera is still not fixed yet but Kevin ran into a friend of his that works at a studio that uses Canons so they can check the battery for me before I send it off. I have also started back at work part time. I am very grateful that they are willing to be so flexible with me but Kevin and I are still having a hard time finding babysitters to cover the few hours a week when our schedules overlap. It is a little bit stressful at the moment!

Ahh are a few pictures I took before the camera died. They are from the railroad tracks I like to walk in near my Mothers house... by they way the weather here is freakishly warm but a rather gorgeous 65 degrees today!

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