Thursday, June 26, 2008


this is my 200th post to this blog. a lot has happened in those 200 words and images. here's to the next 100...

a beautiful double rainbow yesterday.

peony's in grandma's garden. they smell so heady and sweet.

helping grandma cook dinner.

a hazy day at the park.
and playing with his best gal olive. they are the easiest kids to babysit. they are so good together, no tears for over 3 hours! they share and play together it is so sweet. eliot went to bed faster than usual tonight after playing with her. here's hoping he sleeps all night!

he has been pulling all nighters again the past 2 weeks. we have been trying to adjust the way handle it and it is hard! i just can't bring myself to let him truly 'cry it out'. he was up one night for 4 hours and another for at least 3. it could be molars, but then again it's hard to tell. i keep telling myself its a phase. i really cant see myself having another kid until he can sleep reasonably well. i don't know how people do it. if any one has any getting kids to sleep suggestions or books please share!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


a few years ago when i lived in a first floor apartment i had a bedroom on the sidewalk side of the place. it was a great big bedroom with enough room for me to put my computer desk. while i would work on my computer i could hear snippets of conversations as people walked by. i started writing typing them up while i worked. i just ran across the list i had started while going through some old folders. here is the lot:

No .. ahhh not exactly .. we met each other while working together.

Why didn’t she close the f-ing door?!

But my feet still hurt.

You hear me? Do you hear me? You stay with mom and dad the whole time.

Ya I took them off right away.

One of those umbrellas..ya know.. parasols.

Like, oh my god. I cant believe he’s here…I cant believe he's here.

She has never been fat like that before.

The only cigarettes ive ever smoked was a switzer

Matt and I would be half way up by now, ya the cutting was awesome.

I like the cat woman.

This is just to give the neighbors something to complain about.

He has kind of a square shaped head.

I am not really into the psychological part.

Friday, June 20, 2008

beach visits

this week has been full of family and beaches. after the wedding several of kevin's immediate family rented a beach house for the week. it was a perfect location with huge picture windows all around.

the beach roses are starting to drop leaves.

i love the bright green dune grass that pops up between large stones.

kevin took this picture of a flying seagull. i think it looks like a painting.

the goal for this evening is to come up with some sort of invitation design.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

weekend wrap up

my little thief. he can reach just about every surface in our house now. his newest fascination is the bottom drawer of my jewelry box. i have removed my valuables and let him have at it. he thinks he is being quite naughty but really enjoys the necklaces.

kevin's brother got married! it was in a beautiful little ocean side church. the light was so warm and radiant it really made for nice pictures.

eliot in his suit jacket. he was very patient but thankfully my..cousin in law?.. was there to help me take care of him. thank you thank you for being so attentive! he even taught eliot how to say chipmunk.
and, yours truly. i dont usually post pictures of myself but i was looking better than usual this weekend.

Monday, June 09, 2008


the dress work continues despite the heat. it seems we jumped right into summer over night. i cant say that i am all that disappointed, though it is hot. we had our first real beach day over the weekend. it hit the upper 80's in town so we, along with the masses, went to the beach. eliot had a good time playing in the sand, running like crazy and eating seaweed. he also learned a lot about how to give toys back after taking them.

this is the newest piece of the dress. it will be a lovely poofy addition. i am about 50% done with the test dress, the dress form has gotten its first use and so far has been a useful tool.

I finished the little jacket for eliot's appearance at uncle tim's wedding this weekend. it is linen with a bit of poly mixed in for ease of washing and it doesnt wrinkle as readily as pure linen. i am trying to decide what to do about pants, i dont have quite enough to make him any out of this.

the rosa ragosa are just blooming in the city. it smells so nice. i prefer the smell of the roses to the lilacs but really who can beat a city that smells like roses.

to beat the heat eliot and i have been taking walks to the city pier. it is fun to watch the ferries come and go and yesterday we saw one of the tourist trap schooners sailing around. it did a couple of tacks in front of the dock ticking off a couple of lobster boats and giving the guys that fish off the pier something to laugh at. it is a really beautiful boat, i cant say i would mind going on one of the sunset cruises.

i think i also wouldnt mind moving to one of the islands. if i could move to an island and have sheep and gardens i think i would be happy.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


we are in detail mode now with the wedding. the big stuff is taken care of so now it is the small stuff. i am not as worried about the little things. once we get the invitations out i think it will be smooth sailing.

the dress is slowly making its way into 3d reality. i cut out and ironed the pattern pieces so the next step will be to cut out the test fabric and see how it goes.

at home i have planted a little herb garden in pots in our windows. kevin was nice enough to spend some time and make a few shelves in the windows for me. the sprouts are quite a bit higher than these at this point and it has only been a few days difference! i really hope the rosemary takes, those are the only ones left to sprout.

here are some of the wedding details kevin has been working on. i think i am going to leave most things a surprise but i will keep a good photo log to share good images of later.

and this picture i just couldnt resist posting. it cracks me up to no end. it is sort of monty python-ish to me.

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