Saturday, June 21, 2008


a few years ago when i lived in a first floor apartment i had a bedroom on the sidewalk side of the place. it was a great big bedroom with enough room for me to put my computer desk. while i would work on my computer i could hear snippets of conversations as people walked by. i started writing typing them up while i worked. i just ran across the list i had started while going through some old folders. here is the lot:

No .. ahhh not exactly .. we met each other while working together.

Why didn’t she close the f-ing door?!

But my feet still hurt.

You hear me? Do you hear me? You stay with mom and dad the whole time.

Ya I took them off right away.

One of those umbrellas..ya know.. parasols.

Like, oh my god. I cant believe he’s here…I cant believe he's here.

She has never been fat like that before.

The only cigarettes ive ever smoked was a switzer

Matt and I would be half way up by now, ya the cutting was awesome.

I like the cat woman.

This is just to give the neighbors something to complain about.

He has kind of a square shaped head.

I am not really into the psychological part.

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