Tuesday, August 07, 2012

One Month Musings

We have made it past the one month mark!  Willow is gaining weight and adapting to the world pretty well.  She is occasionally giving me a 3 to 4 hour stretch of sleep.  Kevin is still giving me morning naps so I am holding it together pretty well.  It is bliss when she falls asleep and I can put her down without her waking up!    That didn't happen much with Eliot.

I am trying to work out some major gas issues on her part.  My relationship with food has been challenging since becoming diabetic in my 2nd trimester.  That was hard and now I am in the throws of an elimination diet.  So far I have been off dairy for 2 weeks and have been eating just turkey, rice, millet, summer squash and sweet potatoes for nearly that.  The gas has gotten a bit better but still wakes her up and is shockingly loud.  At least the painful crying jags have stopped.  So I plan to stay off dairy, wheat, eggs and soy for a while but I've started adding a few things back in.  If anything its good for weight loss!  My skin looks way better than it has in a long time, too.  I'm wondering if I will sort out any issues I might have along with hers.  If anyone has any thoughts about infant digestive issues I'm all ears.  I look forward to looking at food as food an not medicine again.  This has all be very educational to say the least.

My next plan is to try out some infant probiotics and perhaps see a D.O. that was recommended by a friend of mine.  I am determined to solve this!

Thankfully the weather has been nice - hot but breezy.  She took a nice nap outside in the grass the other day while I tried in vain to work out a knitting pattern.  At least I can purl now and increase and decrease.  I should be game for something more challenging than a scarf!


Jen B said...

Oh my word. So sweet. Glad you are doing well. I have no baby diet advise to offer, but I'm sure others will :)

Heather L. said...

Our crazy three weeks is over and I am playing catchup. :) Sorry about all the gas problems! That is so difficult! You are amazing to do all that food elimination! I don't have any great wisdom, except that a good friend has to stay off dairy while nursing so these things do make a difference. I hope you can figure out what it is so you just have to avoid one or two things, or just one food group and not so many!

Love the family photo in the post above!!! Willow is just such a beautiful name! I love reading it. :)

We are starting school here today. About to launch into ancient history -- fun times!

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