Friday, September 04, 2009

wild things

we took a family hike/walk in robinson's woods last week. it was a very well maintained public land site that i will be exploring more. we found some fabulous mushrooms, teensy frogs and a salamander.

i notice in these pictures how the quality of the light is starting to change as fall is approaching. it is quite cool now in the mornings and a few stray red and yellow leaves are blowing down from the trees. i am trying to embrace this season with open arms and not feel too slighted by mother nature about our soggy summer. with the beautiful weather we have had this past week the complaints have been pretty minimal.

this week was an extremely busy week that i am glad is now over. kevin's first week was good if not a little stressful and eliot has been shuffling back and forth between babysitters and grandma's and home. i am thankful for a loooong weekend.


Heather L. said...

the mushrooms are beautiful -- the red one is especially amazing.

Caitlin said...

The frog photo is so beautiful! Makes me want to go outside right now.

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