Friday, September 25, 2009

doll house

this is a little peek into my doll house. it was made by my grandfather on my mother's side. i believe it was made before i was born, or at least when i was very little - dad, any thoughts? it has followed me around from place to place and was in storage at my mothers for a long time. it needs a deep cleaning, inside and out but it is still gorgeous. it is large at about 4' wide, at least that tall and 3' on the sides with openings on both ends. it stands taller than me on its stand. my grandfather made most of the furnishings, inlaid tables, intricate chairs, old copper dishware etc.. and my grandmother did the wall paper and curtains. in its hay day it had electricity, too. it needs to be rewired at this point.

i am working on sprucing it up, and cleaning it out. it's a slow process but i will probably talk about it periodically. it is definitely my prized possession.

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