Friday, June 05, 2009

cheese withdrawl

i think i should rename this blog cheese withdrawal. i started a diet, about the time i stopped blogging the last time, to try and alleviate headaches. i get them a lot. they are not always bad but generally pretty annoying and after having one for 3 weeks strait i decided enough was enough and it was time to try something a little more proactive. so basically it is an elimination diet including cheese, nuts, sulfates and other headache trigger foods. so far it seems to be helping at least to minimize duration and frequency. i have a way to go before i start adding things back in. i do miss my old friend brie...

we just had a lovely visit to cape cod to visit with kevins family. here are some highlights. there were so many fun pictures, i posted a lot, but hopefully more will appear either here or on kevins blog.

eliots first lobster all to himself! thanks grandpa! he ate the whole thing.

the gardella boys at at the beach after building a fire. eliot had his first toasted marshmellows and campfire hot dogs. it was a really fun evening watching the sunset and relaxing.
some kite flying was enjoyed.
i love that time of day when everything starts to turn orangeish pink. so easy to take nice pictures.

we visited the heritage plantation while the rhododendrons were peaking down on the cape. it was the most opulent display of blooms i have ever seen. it was very unique, we will definitely have to make it a yearly trip.

visiting uncle tim on the roof deck in 'bostam' as eliot calls boston.

dr. eliot. i have a picture of myself doing the same thing with a toy stethoscope when i was his age. i will have to dig it up for belly comparisons.

the fam. boy does that kid need a barber! i dont realize how crooked i cut his hair until i see it in pictures.

and i have recently become rather obsessed with plant/tree identification.
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