Sunday, May 30, 2010

So Long Dear Friend

My old bunny Dexter passed away last week. I haven't really felt like posting much since then. The start of my blog (the original and then leading to this) started at just about the same time I found him - hence the name. So many of my posts have been written with him running around my feet. We are all very sad.

He has seen me through a lot of life changes over the last 8 years. I found him at a scrappy yard sale when he was about a year old and I was planning on giving him to a shelter when I fell in love and he fell in love with my roommates cat. He used to have free reign of my room in every apartment I had while he was with me.

Eliot learned how to stand using his cage for leverage. Eliot's first word was "Dexter".

He spent a lot of time running around under the tables and tickling feet. We had regular bunny hunts and bunny round ups. It would get pretty comical at times. Even in his last days he could out run us.

This was a pre-Eliot picture I found where he had just figured out he could climb into the box spring of my bed. That lead to all kinds of reconfiguring of my room. He was a determined little fellow.

Eliot was the the only other person Dexter would let put a hand in his cage to feed him. They have always been good buddies. Eliot has been asking for him quite a lot. Explaining death and dying has been a hard thing to do.

We will miss you old friend.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Dexter, Jess. He seemed like a sweet soul and an important member of your family. I hope he's resting peacefully and am glad you have so many happy memories of your time with him.

Heather L. said...

I'm so sorry about Dexter. :( I always enjoyed hearing about him and he looks adorable in all the pictures. Hopefully Eliot will always remember him.

Jennifer said...

So sorry to hear about Dexter. I always enjoyed hearing about his antics. He was one special bunny, and lucky to have found you.
- Jennifer

Pam Strayer said...

I am so sorry, Jessica. It's very hard to lose such a good pet friend.

Heather T said...

sorry, jess, about dexter. i'm certain his life was way richer than the yard sale beginings,

WhimWham said...

Sorry for your loss. It looks like Dexter gave you a lot of good memories and inspiration. He lives on in your blog everyday.

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