Sunday, January 06, 2008

snow, site and resolutions

we have had a lot of this going on around here...the guy that drives this tractor in the lot next to us has a great time zooming around during snow storms. i am a little jealous to be honest:

it has been nice to have a snowy holiday. i like winter when there is lots of snow. there is something about the anticipation of a snow storm that really gets me excited. i need to harness that excitement and use it for unpacking and organizing! we are almost done. well, at least with the unpacking of the boxes. we still have a lot of putting away and rearranging to do but it is going well. im many times happier, even with the chaos, in this place than i had been at the last one. plus, eliot is sleeping through the night almost every night! that is huge news for my sanity and hopefully my productivity.

i have been thinking a lot about resolutions and new beginnings lately. maybe because it is my 30th year? im not sure but i will be posting more about resolutions soon. they say making them publicly makes you more likely to follow through? we'll see.

i am really close to the new site being up and ready. i had a photo shoot with the pants this weekend that came out terrible so i am debating what to do. i think i am going to launch the site without them and put them up in a week or so. if anyone out there is a good proof reader and would like to go over the site before i put it up i would be grateful! i am really excited to hear what you think about the logo i chose and the whole set up...

here is eliot admiring his new ability to drool on purpose :) and my sassy pj's snuck in the background heh. and yes, he has a death grip on my cell phone. look at that long hair! little hippy!

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Heather L. said...

Does Eliot love watching that tractor?!!!

I'd be happy to read over your new site for you - let me know when to start.

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