Friday, January 18, 2008

to the park!

eliot and i went to the park this afternoon after a whirlwind trip to the grocery store. i was so worried about him getting fussy that i managed to forget just about everything i was supposed to get, and ended up with a very odd selection of things. he was, of course, very well behaved so the stress was all needless! but, the park was fun for both of us. he had a good time eating a pine cone, and talking to the squirrels. he is going to have so much fun this summer just running and chasing things.

this was the wrap up picture of our weekend last weekend. it pretty much says it all. i forgot to post it but it is too funny not too. a sleepy daddy in his favorite onsie .. ahem.. union suit.

and some small pieces of light.


Heather L. said...

That is a WONDERFUL picture of Eliot! you should frame that one -- the colors and expression are just perfect

Kevin Gardella said...

That is not a onesie. It is man- lingerie. Just ask anyone who knows anything.

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