Thursday, April 16, 2009

easter etc..

i finally put the pictures together from out date night the other night. i am surprised it came out at all, and i wish i had done a full 360 but hey at least i got something.

easter was a lot of fun! i put an m&m in each of eliot's little eggs and made him a little bunny. he was thrilled! i was so happy that he liked the bunny i made. he wanted me to sing it a song, that is usually a good indicator that he likes something. ill get a good picture and post it.

we spend the biggest part of the day with 'regular' grandma and great grandma at grandmas house. he had a 2nd basket full of cars and cranberries and couldnt have been happier. and the aftermath of the afternoon follows...

Thursday, April 09, 2009


*my brother found a link (click here) to the house with some pictures. i would love a tour!*

jumping, a new favorite pass time. jumping into a new season, new routines and growing up. we have been working out our new walking routes since we have moved. eliot seems to be keeping track of all of the good jumping and balancing spots.

this house is right along the western promenade along our walk. for sale! and you cant see the guest house off to the left. i was trying to figure out the assessed value but i couldn't find anything over a mil so i must have the wrong address. it is sort of odd seeing a for sale sign in front of a house like this.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

little alaska farm

We took a drive up to Little Alaska Farm in Wales, Maine to buy some grass fed beef, pork and chicken. It was mud heaven for Eliot as he chased some unusual looking ducks and peered into the hen house. I had a wonderful chat with the owner and butcher and I look forward to visiting again in a few weeks when our stash is eaten up.

I have been trying to find a CSA that Kevin and I can agree on, too. I would like to give it a shot but he has a lot of reservations. If anyone wants to split a share let me know!

Kevin and I went to see David Sedaris read last night as a belated Christmas present from me to him. He is hilarious. I highly recommend "Me Talk Pretty One Day", you will laugh out loud guaranteed.

Friday, April 03, 2009

these boots etc...

some new boots.

a visitor from upstairs.

bath time in the new bathroom.

first veggies on the new (yay) stove.

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