Friday, April 26, 2013

The Daily

I don't talk about my work much but it is keeping my busy lately.  I am in the middle of filming and editing a training video and I need to update our staff pictures.  It is fun to play with lighting.  The video is a new foray for me but the result is going well. He looks so serious in this picture but he is one of the nicest people I know!  I thought I'd give a sneak peak into my daily life.

I had my photo lights set up to do a photo for someone that is going to be teaching at a conference next week so I had my friend sit in to test the lights.  I think this is my favorite head shot I have ever done.  The light levels and scenarios are starting to become a lot more intuitive.  I'm longing for a new camera.  Hopefully in the nearish future.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beach Moments

We had a really warm day yesterday at about 60 degrees so we hit the beach for a late afternoon romp.  Eliot played and ran and dodged the water while Willow slept for about an hour and a half.  Blissful after so much cold weather.  

When Willow woke up she immediately wanted to go down and check everything out.  She LOVED it!  She loved burying her hands in the sand and finding treasures.  She was not at all pleased when I had to pick her up to leave.  I was a little paranoid about small rocks so I found a nice spot where I could monitor what was being picked up.

They just love each other so much!

Eliot told me he was weary when we left.  Next time we will bring a picnic I think.  I need to get my summer bags packed for spur of the moment adventures!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sweater, Sea and Seeds

A new sweater for Willow from the leftovers I had hanging around.  I am living in fear that I am going to run out of the green but I think I might just squeak by.  I have had to take it apart 2 or 3 times and, really, I probably should again!  I definitely screwed something up on the last leaf row but I think I might just grin and bear it.  She is moving so fast now hopefully no one will notice!

I love these wooden needles, too.  So nice to work with.  I scrapped the curly plastic metal ones.  I couldn't 
handle it anymore.

We made the ocean bottle that Ginny mentioned one of her last posts.  It was so fun and easy!  Eliot had to make a 'bottle of blood', too.  The zombies are taking over apparently.

The practicing on the chanter is going well, too.  I'm trying to sneak in practice whenever I can.  It is starting to sound a little better! I'm working on the first lines of Amazing Grace.  Slow progress.

As for reading - it has mostly been seed packets.  I am in the throws of the garden and seed starting plan.  I hope to make some progress this week.  Hopefully I can get to Home Depot with the two kids in tow and someone will take pity and help me cut pvc the pipe I need. I try not to take advantage of the mom card but ya' know sometimes it comes in handy.

And the baby is really taking off with her exploring.  She is reaching over head to grab stuff and is experimenting with letting go now and then.  She is becoming much more expressive and meaningful with her language, too.  I can't wait to hear her talk!

Yarning along over here...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring, Walks and Happy Babies

A little bit of post lag after the craziness of last week.  I didn't really feel like taking pictures or writing.  I'm glad we were able to keep the news away from Eliot.  

But in a happier note we are finally enjoying the beginnings of spring around here.  It wasn't particularly warm this weekend but it was sunny and therefore perfect for being out side.  

Eliot, Willow and I have been going on nightly walk/rides around the trails near our house.  I am so thankful for the light!  I usually carry Willow around in the baby carriers but for these walks I am trying to get her used to the stroller.  She still doesn't like the car seat so it can be a stretch some nights.  If she can watch Eliot she is fine, of course. 

The foraging season has begun in our yard.  Eliot loves to do this!  He is really good at plant identification.  He has started making 'Eliot side salads' with dandelion greens.  In the backpack he has two ID books that we use when we go out hunting for things. The garden is in a pretty sorry state right now but that will be remedied soon.  I want to take the perennial garden that he is digging in down to the bottom of that slope to spread things out and add some annuals for cut flowers.  We are putting another box at the end of the row of 3 to extend the veggies, too.  I am starting some seeds this week if all goes as planned!

Baby in a basket is good fun these days.  Ignore the warnings on the side of the box (I use it for work - postal service approved)...

Big news for Eliot this weekend!  He learned to tie his own shoes!  I am so proud of him.

Here is Willow enjoying eating some dirt and leaves.  So much for me getting anything done outside!  You can see the new top teeth peeking out in the photo, too.  Poor kid is still in pain!  Now that those two have come out her eye teeth are pushing.   No sleep for weary mamas.  She doesn't seem any worse for the wear though.

More photos from our nightly walks..

Friday, April 12, 2013

Family Catch Up

It has been another long week battling a stomach bug with all of the lovely symptoms that come with it.  Willow is just turning the corner after nearly 5 days!  Whew.  Poor Eliot told me he was ready to give up.  He honestly thought he was going to die.  It was so sad.  It was certainly the sickest he has ever been.

Glad to have that behind us.  Willow is having fun and getting really speedy on all fours.  She has, thankfully, decided not to be afraid of the bunnies anymore but to chase them instead.  She is fast but they are much more spry.  They let her get just close enough to barely touch them then they hop out of range.  If they get sick of it they go back to their cages or hide behind the furniture.  I think they like the attention.  They are very social creatures.  The look of determination on her face cracks me up.

Smokey bunny checking her out.

Eliot was trying very hard to stand still so a bird would land in his hand.  He wants this to happen so bad!  I think if he worked at it diligently the chickadees might do it.  The birds are pretty active and brave around our house.

This sort of sums up how Eliot has been seeing the world lately.  Everything has been a battle with major testing of boundaries.  He will start arguments that have no good outcome good or bad.  For example the argument about why Willows eyes are blue and his have turned green and how that makes him jealous.  It is hard to bridge these moments but I'm trying to give him as much individual attention and outlets for his anger as I can as I think that is the root of it.  It definitely increases when he has had too much screen time too.  No one said it would be easy.  With warmer weather more exercise will help too I think.

My craft area is in total disarray, too.  There will be a 'great purge' coming soon.  It may involve give aways if I find anything worth giving away.  I need to get it down to one (or two) bins.  Totally sick of the excess stuff!

These are the happy moments. Lots of reading and drum playing.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

New Knits and Weekend Catch Up

A new knit started.  It has been taken apart once and I am debating about swapping out needles on my 2nd go around.  I can't get the twist out of the cheap round needles that I have and it is endlessly frustrating.  I haven't tried boiling water yet but that might be the next try.  But, I like the pattern and the yarn so it will come together once I get my tools worked out.  This is the pattern.

I haven't been doing much reading other than gardening catalogs and the occasional cookbook but a friend of mine gave the the Hobbit to read after I saw it on his bookshelf and asked about it.  Funny how it color coordinates with my knitting!

In family news we had a fun Easter with lots of candy and visiting with friends and family.  Willow is now pulling up on anything she can reach and trying to cruise.  Her separation anxiety is SO acute it is making it hard for me to leave her with anyone.  Hopefully it starts to fade soon.  Thankfully my mother is willing to deal with the constant crying for the hour and half for my Monday music lessons.  The lessons are going slow and steady btw.

Thankfully we can now see the ground (mud) and get outside more often.  Eliot spent hours in the woods banging on stuff and exploring and Willow had so much fun playing in the dirt this past weekend, she was filthy!  She entertained herself for nearly an hour and a half just sitting and checking out the leaves and grass.  Bliss.

Yarning along here.
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