Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Part 1

We just got back from vacation in North Conway, NH.  We have been going to the reigeon for a few years but we really found a gem this time and will be going back next year if we can get a time slot!  It had everything we needed, kyak, canoes, fishing poles etc and close proximity to hiking and a great little town.  

I was sorely dissapointed by the local yarn shop - I had planned on getting a bunch of yarn and working on a new project.  But, on the bright side, I practiced my chanter a lot and made some improvements.  Getting better!  

It was only steps to the little sandy beach and the bugs were minimal and it had comfortable beds!  I miss it already.

The sunsets were amazing and the view, sigh.

We went on a couple of excursions into the woods.  Willow was having a bit of a tough time because she wants to do everything herself and in this spot there were beautiful pools and tiered waterfalls but a little much for a wee one.

This Diana's Bath.  Beautiful spot and a great spot to adventure.  It did make me a little nervous for the kids but amazing to see.  I can only imagine what it was like to be walking in the woods and just come across a place like this.

More awesome sunsets.

Eliot and his big kid cousin.  He and his sister was so great with the kids.  Willow just adores him and his sister.  I wish they lived closer I would have some awesome babysitters!

Family photo!  

This was Sabbaday Falls.  This was a little more mellow than the other spot and the kids had a good time tossing rocks and hopping around on the stones.

He is too cool for smiling now.  He lived in that hat, love it.

The lower falls.  So beautiful.

W spent most of the vacation in the buff.  Saved me a ton on diapers but now she is potty training like a puppy asking to go out and pee in the grass, lol.

Fishing off the dock was fun, too.  And really shallow so I didn't worry about my little water bugs.  The last day a HUGE snapping turtle came right up to the dock and the kids had fun feeding it the rest of the worms.  They caught a lot of fish through the week, I was pretty impressed.

On one of the longer hikes they highlight was wild blueberries.  Living the Blueberry's for Sal book!

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