Monday, August 31, 2009

a new doll

eliot has been painting outside a lot lately. nice messy fun.

and this is a doll i made from a free pattern at i dont really love how she came out but i think it is a good workable pattern that could use some embellishments. i made a dress for her but i have no idea where it is!

we are very busy right now. kevin started school today and we are trying to ease eliot into his new schedule. there are going to be some bumps in the road but hopefully all will work out. at least my headaches have been put into some sembalance of submission with a new combo of meds, that helps a lot.

Friday, August 28, 2009

the pants in action

here are the pants i made for eliot in their debut. the pockets are nice and deep, good for collecting things from the woods. he can untie them himself which is good for potty training, bad for public nudity. i am happy with them and definitely will be making some for fall/winter as it seems to feel all to close right now.

here he is with 'the fleet' as it has been dubbed. i have to haul these all out into the backyard when we go to grandmas house. he has a great time entertaining our elderly neighbors and cats that wonder by.

i have some craft projects that i havent shared yet that i will try to post in the next few days. it sounds like we will be inundated with rain tomorow so i might as well wrap up old projects before kevin starts in at school.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

smiling hill

the family took a little trip out to Smiling Hill Farm at the end of last week. we drive by on the way to pick up our CSA and it is hard to resist the ice cream and animals. of course, i have a weakness for the cheese, too. i do miss working there!

they have a lot of fun wooden play sculptures, cars, trains and planes.

mini pony's.

my favorite is the little brown spotted calf. i could have played with him all day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


we had HUGE waves over the weekend from Bill. it is hard to show the scope and size of these even with pictures. the top one is at higgins beach. we drove by a few hours before low tide (when this was taken) and then just before high tide on our way home from two lights. at high tide there was no beach left to see.

the following are from two lights state park. they didnt allow anyone on the rocks and were planing to close the park at high tide. it was amazing. the feeling in the crowd was like a big fireworks display. there were lots of oohs and ahhhs. the sound was so loud and the rumbling under foot gave me goosebumps. there were lots of people camped out with lawn chairs just enjoying the show. eliot thought it was all pretty unimpressive and asked to go on the playground every two seconds, but the parents surely enjoyed it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

weeks sneak by

i am not sure how the weeks seem to sneak by so fast in between postings. the end of summer has been keeping us on our toes getting ready for school and new experiences all around. kevin had a birthday come and go and it feels like time is speeding up again.

eliot is enjoying cutting things with his new kiddie scissors. he doesnt really get how to cut things out but he does like snipping away. it is a nice project to get him into while im making dinner. i tried glue at the same time and that was not nearly as successful.

some of the humongous sunflowers at the csa farm.

and this chicken was fascinated by my wedding ring. i was kneeling on the ground trying to take its picture and it kept pecking my finger. they are fast! i thought it was going for a reflection on my camera but it followed my hand like a cat after a mouse. eliot thought it was 'hilarious', his new favorite word.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

foraging 'fruits'

although i havent found any actual fruits, yet, here are some pictures of my latest doings. well, i take that back, i have been stalking a couple of rose hip bushes and crab apple trees for this fall. i hear rose hips are perfect after the first frost. im thinking i will try a pie, or maybe just more tea. i think i need to make a foraging bag.

these are some mustard seeds. they come from a plant that seems to love the sandy seaside around here. eliot likes these a lot, they have quite a little kick to them. i havent sampled the dried ones i have on the screens yet - and i am not really sure what i am going to do with them either.

some of the yarrow and bee balm all dried out. i like how they look in the jars. now i am going to see if i can find some foraging tips in my vintage copy of Joy of Cooking - thanks for the tip Kirstin! when are you going to start a blog??

pin zone

a couple of the first edits from my pinhole/zoneplate experiments. i am happier with them now that i have edited them. although, i can really see how dirty my sensor is with these! forgive the dust. the top two are zoneplate images and the bottom is a pinhole.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

getting outside

the weather is improving so we have been getting outside a lot more. we took a trip to the Audubon and saw this odd yellow slime/mushroom on the path. any thoughts pam? i haven't looked it up yet. i have been keeping up with my foraging and am delighted to report that yarrow, bee balm and clover all taste very good. i have some goldenrod drying at the moment. it is supposed to taste like anise.

here we are taking a swim a macworth island. it is a nice calm beach with small numbers of people and not a lot of wave activity, perfect for little guys learning to enjoy the ocean.

and back to Audubon to catch frogs and poly wogs in the pond. eliot can spot bullfrogs with amazing speed and accuracy. here's hoping his vision stays better than mine!

big news for kevin, he has been accepted to the nursing program early! it has meant major hustle on our part to get our lives squared away for him to start in 3 weeks. i am starting to interview nannies to look after eliot a few days a week during the overlap times. wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

some crafting activity

i dusted off the sewing machine and made eliot a pair of pants from the Oliver and S sandbox pants pattern. It was really easy to follow and i think they came out nicely. they have awesome girl patterns, i wish they had more for boys! i probably should have made him the 2t as i think he will have to grow into this 3t pair a bit. the stripped part is a jeans material and the pockets came from an old place mat. a tad girly but i'm not going to sweat it.

i still have to put the buttons on the back pockets.

i have also started to learn to hook rugs. so far so good although it has turned hot and humid around here so i haven't really wanted to pick it up and have burlap and wool stuck to my skin.
i am a little panicked about color choice but hopefully that will pass with a few attempts.

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