Saturday, August 22, 2009

weeks sneak by

i am not sure how the weeks seem to sneak by so fast in between postings. the end of summer has been keeping us on our toes getting ready for school and new experiences all around. kevin had a birthday come and go and it feels like time is speeding up again.

eliot is enjoying cutting things with his new kiddie scissors. he doesnt really get how to cut things out but he does like snipping away. it is a nice project to get him into while im making dinner. i tried glue at the same time and that was not nearly as successful.

some of the humongous sunflowers at the csa farm.

and this chicken was fascinated by my wedding ring. i was kneeling on the ground trying to take its picture and it kept pecking my finger. they are fast! i thought it was going for a reflection on my camera but it followed my hand like a cat after a mouse. eliot thought it was 'hilarious', his new favorite word.

1 comment:

Heather L. said...

There's a postman pat story about a "magpie hen" that steals shiny things. Maybe they are real. :) Can't believe Eliot's going to be 3 before too long.

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