Sunday, November 16, 2008

cars and updates

here is an example of the car line ups. it is very sweet and, (sometimes) thankfully time consuming. they have begun to show up in pieces around the house instead of one large line now too. his favorite phrase is "car coming, mama!". i have to stop and look both ways before proceeding with caution. he also has been pretending to be a butterfly or bird so at least he is getting some varied creative play instead of just cars.

a few other updates.. i have put the sewing machine to bed for a little while to try and work on photography a little more. unfortunately, there is not enough space in our teensy apartment for both projects at once. i did find enough room in the closet for it all after a massive clear out of fabric so at least if i get the urge its not too far away. i have been SO tired lately i havent been getting much done other than cooking. eliot loves to help me cook, especially in the morning, so we have been doing a lot of baking. --look out ed! i have been improving my pancake recipe!

i have been trying to start a very low key walk/jog program to see if that will eventually give me more energy. i suppose the worst that could happen is it will burn off the extra pancakes.

i took out the bread bakers apprentice book again last night and i am currently waiting for some bread to rise. (potoato rosemary).

on a side note if anyone (heather?) could suggest a few useful homeschooling books..we have been talking/reading a lot on the subject lately.

off to find some rainy day activities to do!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a little rusty

well hello there! it has been a long time... i dont really have any good excuses, only marginal ones for the longest post lag i have ever had. my camera has been in fine working condition, in fact i rented the canon 10-22mm lens for a work job and had a great time experimenting with it. the family is all well, too.

eliot's new fascinations revolve mostly around imaginary things, trucks and sorting. i found a jar of seaglass i have been carting around for ages and he has been sorting and using it with all of his trucks. yesterday i had a grand plan of walking with him to the playground but ended up getting side tracked and spending the whole time outside in the parking lot 100 yards from the front door excavating piles of sand. despite feeling like the delinquant parent that was letting their kid play in a parking lot he had a great time.

i think i am going to sort of work my way backwards through some photos for a while.. this is a couple from halloween. we went to a little party at a friends house before going on the parade. eliot was sufficently freaked out by the noise and costumes.

i didnt get any great pictures of his costume but it was a little vampire suit that a co worker gave to me. i was some sort of zombie wife..but really.. that is pretty much how i look these days.
eliot has been getting his molars in for weeks now..he is a slooow teether. it is resulting in marginal nights sleeps again. i also seem to be suffering from a greater fatigue than i am used to. ive been going to bed by 8pm pretty much every night.. doesnt leave much time for blogging or really anything. i did start reading a new book called 'last child in the woods' by richard louv. it is a well written book about how children need free play in nature.

i also got a much needed hair cut. so many things have happened over the last month.. eliots birthday, my birthday, fall coming and going... so much. i am going to try to get back into the routine of blogging again, keep bugging me if i slack : ).
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