Sunday, November 16, 2008

cars and updates

here is an example of the car line ups. it is very sweet and, (sometimes) thankfully time consuming. they have begun to show up in pieces around the house instead of one large line now too. his favorite phrase is "car coming, mama!". i have to stop and look both ways before proceeding with caution. he also has been pretending to be a butterfly or bird so at least he is getting some varied creative play instead of just cars.

a few other updates.. i have put the sewing machine to bed for a little while to try and work on photography a little more. unfortunately, there is not enough space in our teensy apartment for both projects at once. i did find enough room in the closet for it all after a massive clear out of fabric so at least if i get the urge its not too far away. i have been SO tired lately i havent been getting much done other than cooking. eliot loves to help me cook, especially in the morning, so we have been doing a lot of baking. --look out ed! i have been improving my pancake recipe!

i have been trying to start a very low key walk/jog program to see if that will eventually give me more energy. i suppose the worst that could happen is it will burn off the extra pancakes.

i took out the bread bakers apprentice book again last night and i am currently waiting for some bread to rise. (potoato rosemary).

on a side note if anyone (heather?) could suggest a few useful homeschooling books..we have been talking/reading a lot on the subject lately.

off to find some rainy day activities to do!


Pam Strayer said...

Hi Jessica,
Glad you're back in the blogging world.
Love the Eliot saga.
Have you tried Vitamin B
I hope you feel stronger soon...Pam

Kirsten Valentine Cadieux said...

Very exciting to get to see the lines (I myself am a fruit line girl, but respect any sort of traveling line) and to get to check in on you guys again! In addition to my blog enthusiasm, I'm commenting here to make sure we're connecting -- Pete & Erin have put together Tim & Trish's photos (I finally FTPed my last lagging negative scan today), and we wanted to make sure you had a chance to get your faves in there, if you haven't already done something else with them (which we realize you might well have). (We fear we might have your email address wrong. And if not, sorry to pester!) -Kirsten.

Heather L. said...

Hi Jess,

Sorry it's taken me forever to comment. I've been "gathering data" and last week was the busiest of the season. Phew, now it's over. :)

Anyway, as far as books go....this is terrible, but I haven't read a lot of homeschooling books recently. I read a number of "unschooling books" when I was in the UK since that is a popular method over there and friends loaned me books. However, that approach just doesn't fit well with our family.

So, I asked a friend of mine for a few recommendations, and I intend to get and read her recommendations as well. :)

The one book I have looked at recently is:
100 Top Picks For Homeschool Curriculum: Choosing The Right Curriculum And Approach For Your Child's Learning Style by Cathy Duffy. The first portion of the book talks about various approaches to homeschool and how these fit with various children's learning styles. Quite helpful.

Okay, my friend's suggestions:
The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling by Rachel Gathercole

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto

The Homeschooling Book of Answers: The 101 Most Important Questions Answered by Homeschooling's Most Respected Voices
by Linda Dobson

Creative Homeschooling
by Lisa Rivero

On the classical method:
A Well-Trained Mind by Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer

Charlotte Mason Method:
When Children Love to Learn
by Elaine Cooper

Maybe something will be interesting. :) Have a good week!

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