Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We have had an eventful Halloween today. We started off with an impromptu brunch with some friends and their children who were dressed and ready for trick-or-treating by 9am. They came over and played with the train table for a few hours. They got along SO well! The recent jump in Eliot's ability to create imaginary games and go with it for a fairly lengthy period of time has really improved his ability to interact with other children. I also think the verbal skills and reasoning abilities help too. He and the little girl, who is almost four, played quietly, alone for nearly an hour! It was awesome.

We then went to the West End parade, which is always very cool. The puppets and stilt walkers really make it magical with the bass drums beating the whole time. Eliot was enamored and kept saying how he loved the parade and asking are we really in it mama? We managed to bypass all actual trick or treating, he got one treat and was pleased as punch. I'll post more pictures of the costumes etc. Monday or Tuesday.

I finished up a couple of projects today, too. These green pants have been a challenge since cutting them out. For some reason they fought me. The first pair went so much smoother. I blame it on operator error and poor choice of materials. I'm pretty sure they are backwards, but I am not telling Eliot that.

I also finished Eliot and Kevin's winter hats. Here is Eliot's with the snowman applique. Kevin's is design-less at this point. Until I feel inspired, I am calling it done. I am going to scan the pattern for the hat and the mittens (adult size) at work next week and try to figure out if I can post pdf's from blogger. I just size it down for Eliot, or in this case, I cut off half of one of the curved sections. It makes it a little pointier but with any sewing knowledge at all that could be avoided.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goings on

I have been journaling again a bit. I received a fabulous book about nature journaling from my in laws for my birthday, so inspiring. I find journals an easy way to keep track of my ideas for craft projects. My newest idea has to do with leaf printing on fabric and turning it into a quilt. I need to find a fabric paint/ink that doesn't have too much texture.

I am also working on a hat for Eliot. This will be a snowman soon. Would anyone be interested in a pattern for hat's and mittens from felted wool to download? I know Heather L. mentioned it in a past comment. I don't like to look of the traced mittens, these are much less homemade looking.

And I finished the G with grapes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just to clarify

I wanted to let the public know that I did not forget the writer's birthday, rather her co-workers remembered it sooner than I did. She did get flowers and a lovely rendition of happy birthday from the staff at my work. After all, who wouldn't trust a face like this.

Sincerely Kevin the Innocent

a blur

This week has gone by fast! My internet has been on the fritz and it has made me feel surprisingly isolated. But, I have some blurry, bleary pictures to share.

First some pictures of the perfect-for-me swap items I received from Rachel over at Memories of Mine to Thine.

I think I like the Bingo card the best! Brings back interesting memories of going to Seniors with my Grandparents.
This is the quilt I have started to work on again. I am keeping it by the couch in hopes of working on it in between Thomas the Train sessions with Eliot. He wants me to play with him now, not just watch him play. It has added a whole new dynamic to our play time, for good and bad, as I am not getting to work on my own 'stuff' as much and it's basically pushing Thomas around and around the loop ad nauseum. But, it makes him happy!

There is a frog on the F one, a little hard to see here.

A little blurry picture of Dexter. I haven't taken any pictures of him in a long time. He is a sweet old bunny. Eliot is his partner in crime and always lets him out to run around. Dexter is still a spry guy and can out run all of us, especially during bunny round up time.

And a picture of Eliot opening his presents from my Dad on his birthday last week posted today, on my birthday. Which BTW Kevin forgot! Please, feel free to send him scathing emails ; ).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a little bunny

I finished another Purl Bee bunny this weekend for a friend of mine. I forgot to take a picture so she kindly sent one to me. I became pretty attached to this one. She will have several little knitted sweaters made for her, too. Eliot kept calling her the Mama bunny and had a little marriage ceremony for her and the other bunny he has. He is really into weddings right now.

Once I get Internet back at home I will post more pictures of our weekends and photo shoots. I started working again on the alphabet quilt I started about a year ago. I finished F last night. Off to work!

A picture of Lucy (as she is now named) with one of the sweaters my friend made for her!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Not from me but here:

Very cute knitted animals..don't miss it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

catch up

We have welcomed a new addition to our living room - the train table. It was given to us in mint condition during this very timely birthday week. Eliot loves it! It is quite a nice table although it takes up the majority of the otherwise free space in that room. I have to admit I enjoy setting up the tracks, almost as much as setting up the dollhouse furniture.

This is a sneak peek for my blog partner over at the Vintage Swap I joined. I took some better pictures of the things she sent me and the things I am sending when I realized I didn't have a CF card in my camera. One of those weeks. But..I really enjoyed what she sent and I will 'show' you later. These are going out tomorrow if all goes as planned.

Birthday boy in action. A little preppy with the duds I picked up for him at goodwill the other day. Poor kid has Fifth's disease right now. It is a rash/fever/blah combo. I think I have it in the adult form which is sore joints. Kevin thinks I am creating symptoms. So much for nursing school ; ).

Apple picking was fun. I am in the process of making a pie right now.

Monday, October 12, 2009


The wedding went very well! Despite a drizzly day we were able to get great pictures and everyone had a great time. Eliot's birthday has been an ongoing event with visitors and family stopping by with well wishes and presents. He keeps getting up and telling me it's his birthday- every day. He also told me it was my birthday too, so I guess he is willing to share the lime light.

We went apple picking over the weekend, too. I have pictures but blogger is being painfully slow so I will have to share them another day. This evening I also dug out some old shrunken wool sweaters to make some new hats for the family. The worst part of it is I know I have another box of wool sweaters somewhere and I can't for the life of me figure out where it is. Of course, then I started thinking about all of the other things I can't find... Can I have 'senior moments' at nearly 32?

Friday, October 09, 2009

pink and green

it has been a busy week. i am on my way to photograph a wedding today, eliot's birthday was yesterday and kevin is busy at school. one of those weeks where blogging doesn't get attended to.

we took a walk at the beach where kevin and i got married and saw another couple having their pictures taken in their wedding clothes. it was hard not to sneak up and take my own! so, i distracted myself with the beach fall colors. i have been interested in color shifts in nature lately.

dug up this old relic. a piece of a photo project i did at the end of my college years. i think it was the beginning of my fabric interest.

and we have a multitude of pears falling from the tree in our yard. it would be great if we didn't have lead in the soil!

lastly i want to mention and urge you to check out my friend Heather's new blog it is all about family friendly food.

Friday, October 02, 2009

And the Winner is...

Drum roll please....

Michelle at living slowly! Congratulations.

Email me with your address and I will get this package to you soon.

Thank you, everyone, who left comments. It has been fun to look through new blogs and meet people that are living so similar and yet so different lives. Hopefully I, or someone else here, will find another vintage stash and share the love, too.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

leaf prints

I have had this idea knocking around in my head for a while. I saw a beautiful tiling of mono print, leaf prints at Eliot's preschool. The artist used different lightly colored papers with white and other pale colored printed leaves and put them on the diagonal tiled about 4 feet across. It beautifully goes from green to red.

I found a maple leaf and tried it out. I used tempera paint. I experimented with both sides of the leaf and different weights of paint. I found that a light touch on the paint on the raised side of the leaf worked the best for the image I was going for (upper left in this picture). I started out using a burnishing tool (back of a wooden spoon) but lighter pressure with my fingers brought out more detail. Now that I have experimented it I think I will go and find some nice rice paper or water color paper and get Eliot in on it.

More Oliver and S Sandbox pants I am working on, too. I made these from an old pair of pants that are a tad too big for me. I think we will be prepared this weekend if it rains.

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