Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goings on

I have been journaling again a bit. I received a fabulous book about nature journaling from my in laws for my birthday, so inspiring. I find journals an easy way to keep track of my ideas for craft projects. My newest idea has to do with leaf printing on fabric and turning it into a quilt. I need to find a fabric paint/ink that doesn't have too much texture.

I am also working on a hat for Eliot. This will be a snowman soon. Would anyone be interested in a pattern for hat's and mittens from felted wool to download? I know Heather L. mentioned it in a past comment. I don't like to look of the traced mittens, these are much less homemade looking.

And I finished the G with grapes.

1 comment:

Lorena said...

i'd love to see the pattern for the hat and mittens. i don't like the looks of traced mittens either!

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