Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a little bunny

I finished another Purl Bee bunny this weekend for a friend of mine. I forgot to take a picture so she kindly sent one to me. I became pretty attached to this one. She will have several little knitted sweaters made for her, too. Eliot kept calling her the Mama bunny and had a little marriage ceremony for her and the other bunny he has. He is really into weddings right now.

Once I get Internet back at home I will post more pictures of our weekends and photo shoots. I started working again on the alphabet quilt I started about a year ago. I finished F last night. Off to work!

A picture of Lucy (as she is now named) with one of the sweaters my friend made for her!


Heather L. said...

Such a cute bunny! It is hard not to get attached to things you make.

That is great that Eliot is playing wedding. I love it when we go somewhere or do something and my kids get a new idea for "playing" something -- usually keeps them busy for a few days. If I could just think of something new for them today....

Heather said...

Gosh this is so cute. I really need to get into making stuffed dolls/animals. Every time I see them, I just fall in love.

BTW, thanks for your photo comment yesterday. I have so much to learn :)

gardenmama said...

I love your sweet little bunny!
And the sweater and clothing is too cute : )
Many warm wishes to you!

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