Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We have had an eventful Halloween today. We started off with an impromptu brunch with some friends and their children who were dressed and ready for trick-or-treating by 9am. They came over and played with the train table for a few hours. They got along SO well! The recent jump in Eliot's ability to create imaginary games and go with it for a fairly lengthy period of time has really improved his ability to interact with other children. I also think the verbal skills and reasoning abilities help too. He and the little girl, who is almost four, played quietly, alone for nearly an hour! It was awesome.

We then went to the West End parade, which is always very cool. The puppets and stilt walkers really make it magical with the bass drums beating the whole time. Eliot was enamored and kept saying how he loved the parade and asking are we really in it mama? We managed to bypass all actual trick or treating, he got one treat and was pleased as punch. I'll post more pictures of the costumes etc. Monday or Tuesday.

I finished up a couple of projects today, too. These green pants have been a challenge since cutting them out. For some reason they fought me. The first pair went so much smoother. I blame it on operator error and poor choice of materials. I'm pretty sure they are backwards, but I am not telling Eliot that.

I also finished Eliot and Kevin's winter hats. Here is Eliot's with the snowman applique. Kevin's is design-less at this point. Until I feel inspired, I am calling it done. I am going to scan the pattern for the hat and the mittens (adult size) at work next week and try to figure out if I can post pdf's from blogger. I just size it down for Eliot, or in this case, I cut off half of one of the curved sections. It makes it a little pointier but with any sewing knowledge at all that could be avoided.

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Heather L. said...

LOVE the snowman hat!!! And the pants are really nice. A friend was over today wanting advice on what to do with some old cashmere that moths had gotten to. We felted a bunch for her and one sweater, which was only 40% wool we whipped up into an elegant cushion for her couch (since our kids were playing happily together). It was fun to get a whole little project done. But, I was telling her about hats - suggesting we might use some of her sweaters for that.....

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