Friday, October 09, 2009

pink and green

it has been a busy week. i am on my way to photograph a wedding today, eliot's birthday was yesterday and kevin is busy at school. one of those weeks where blogging doesn't get attended to.

we took a walk at the beach where kevin and i got married and saw another couple having their pictures taken in their wedding clothes. it was hard not to sneak up and take my own! so, i distracted myself with the beach fall colors. i have been interested in color shifts in nature lately.

dug up this old relic. a piece of a photo project i did at the end of my college years. i think it was the beginning of my fabric interest.

and we have a multitude of pears falling from the tree in our yard. it would be great if we didn't have lead in the soil!

lastly i want to mention and urge you to check out my friend Heather's new blog it is all about family friendly food.


Heather L. said...

Happy Birthday to Eliot!!!!! I hope he had a very special day!!!

Hope the wedding photos go well! My camera is working better as I'm understanding some more about it -- like WB and ISO, etc. :)

Thanks for mentioning the cooking site!

Heather said...

What gorgeous photos, I love the combination of fabric. I hope that all of the birthday events were wonderful, and I wish you well in shooting the wedding/

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