Sunday, December 28, 2008

and the computer is toast

my poor neglected blog! we have been doing so much fun stuff over the past month like playing in the snow, christmas activities and family and of course in the middle of it my computer finally gives out. the good news is that it is only my video card and not the mother board which i had feared. so it is in the hands of a friend of mine who in exchange for some jeans mending is going to fix it for me. i bought kevin a lap top for christmas (which i am on now) but it hasnt been completely set up for image editing etc so its probably going to be another week at least before i get back to posting. see you soon!

Friday, December 05, 2008

as it gets colder

we get cozier. we have been making forts to play under. unfortunately he wont play under them alone so i have to squeeze myself under too. half in half out works sometimes but if he is feeling particular i get a work out.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


we have a little local locomotive just down the street from us. it is a narrow gauge railroad that runs short trips up and down the old working water front. eliot had a blast.

here i am all geared up for my most recent gig (the work function i mentioned). i really liked the flash diffuser all told and it only put me back about 25 bucks. the flash bracket was a pain because it kept coming loose when i held the camera to my side so the flash ended up flopping around. it was also hard to carry around two cameras at once without them getting tangled up. my shoulders were sore the next day! but all in all it worked out nicely.
thanksgiving was fun.. we went down and visited kevins family on the cape. eliot had fun and we ate a TON of great food. the pictures came out pretty marginal, probably because we were all stuffed and couldn't lift a finger to take a picture.

i have a few crafty things i've started despite putting my sewing machine away. i have loads of pictures 'on deck' to post about as i continue to try to get back to my posting rhythm. i keep finding myself getting bogged down in facebook looking at old high school friends profiles. i feel a little like a voyeur. it is interesting because you add people as 'friends' but the contact is so limited i wonder how many actual friends i will make out of it. i wonder if spending my time reminiscing about old friends has limited my quest to find more 'real friends' to go out and do things with. it is interesting i think.
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