Thursday, February 28, 2008


this is about as far as i have gotten with spring/summer A Little Bunny. kevin gave me this notebook for christmas and it is gradually getting filled with notes and ideas. now, i just need to execute them. i am in the work and rework pattern phase. i am slowly adding styles to my repertoire as i get the patterns worked out. it is giving me a lot of time to work on the conceptual aspect of the whole thing, although i am trying not to get too bogged down in the details and just DO IT.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

moving along

getting back to normal around here. it is amazing how fast things can get chaotic, even in a small apartment, if you don't keep up with it for a few days.

i just picked up a couple of patterns for myself. i haven't made any clothing for myself since a brides maid dress last year that i wasn't particularly happy about. i hear good things about the built by wendy line from simplicity so here's hoping i can get it right. i never can quite get the sizing right but my sewing skills have improved exponentially since my last foray into women's fashion. there is a dress and two shirts i want to try. it may be a while but i will post the results when they happen.

kevin has been trying to get his drawing groove back. he hung up big sheets of paper down the hallway and has been doing some sketching. i hope it doesn't encourage eliot to draw on the walls , but its nice to see him drawing again either way.

we have another snow storm happening right now too. it looks wet and sloppy outside but inside my plants are happy! kevin is always trying to convince me they are dying but this is living proof that they are indeed thriving. just because they are growing a little crooked doesn't mean they are done for. i don't think my plants have any choice but to thrive as i have, at least, some of the dna of a plant goddess (my mother).

Sunday, February 24, 2008


eliot and i have been knocked out with the flu since wednesday. it has been a long few days. kevin got the flu shot through his work and i think that is why he was spared. great way to loose a few extra pounds! but, the worst of it is over. eliot seems no worse for wear, other than a needling a little more mommy cuddle time, and that is certainly no problem. kevin has been doing a great job nursing us to health..he deserves an extra round of wings this week :) in my delirium he still wasn't able to convince me we need a dart board in the house, however.

being sick gave me a lot of time to sit and be still. i spent a much of the day on saturday looking out the window and watching the seagulls play in the updrafts between the buildings. then around sunset i noticed the scenes below. there is a huge group (actually called a murder) of crows that live in portland and roost in various spots around the city. right now they seem to be sticking to one spot down the street from us. it is really amazing to watch over 1,000 crows fly over head. they get in all kinds of tussles with the seagulls on the way by our windows. it is pretty dramatic and a little creepy. eliot signs bird like mad through the whole thing. forgive the low quality images, i definitely haven't been at my best! i want to go down and photograph the lot of them when they are actually in the trees. the sounds the make are pretty eerie too.

Monday, February 18, 2008

one more step

i am done with the sets i have been working on! final pressing and tagging all take quite a bit of time. im glad i havent actually timed an outfit out from beginning to end or i would probably never keep this up. i feel a little lost tonight with no necessary sewing to do. eliot is in bed early and i could really use a good book. i do have some excellent dark chocolate to indulge in that kevin brought home from the gourmet food shop down the street. it is a very dangerous thing having a shop like that within very easy walking distance. so dangerous in fact that i havent actually been in it for fear that i will never have any money left for fabric. i just look out the window at it longingly and hope that kevin will read my mind and bring home treats.

here are some pictures of what i have been working on. unfortunately it has either been fridgidly cold or raining the past few days so neither of my shoots went well. i also forgot a step stool to get up high enough for one so kevin and i were shooting up over our heads. you can see how most of the shots went below.. but... you get the idea for what i have done for Ann Veronica.

a few views of pieces of the little baby jeans. i embroidered red circles on the bottoms with a spiral stitch. it is hard to see the details with these shots.

another version of the red cord jacket. smaller buttons and a slightly darker red corduroy. the pants are linen, also with embroidery, but very hard to see in the photo. it is the same design and the diamond pant from last fall.

i made a little twill khaki jacket this time too. i like the fabric, it has a nice subtle sheet to it. i think the jeans are my favorite. they look really cute on. i will be making eliot something like these soon, i think.

so, i am done with my chocolate and i think i will now go and doodle some new thoughts ive had while writing this and hit the sack early. good night!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


a new place to snooze. eliot really likes this swing right now. we are lucky to have beams in the ceiling to support this kind of thing. it really relaxes him. he is the kind of kid that likes to be bundled up and squeezed tight to fall asleep. i know he is getting sleepy when he goes to the coat rack and brings me his fleece to put on.

he is snug in bed now giving me a few moments to finish up some baby pants. this weekend i am going to have the jackets done and hand them off to the new shop. ive been dreaming about sergers again...babylock mmmm...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

get rhythm

i am going to try to get back to the usual blog routine here soon! here is a catch up post in pictures.

::piles cut out for the next round of sewing::

::tea..eliots new favorite word::

::view from the work station::

::new idea for little jeans::

::a finally finished comisioned hat...onto matching mittens!::

::an exciting package from was hard to throw this envelope away::

::another current pile.. finished pants and jackets ready to be tagged::

:: and last.. but certainly not least..the very fun package from grandma and grandpa g. there are more photos on this coming up but here is the chaos that ensued upon the opening ::

Monday, February 04, 2008

out of touch

i have been a little out of touch with the digital part of my life lately. very busy around here with sewing, work changes and general craziness. i did manage to finish a little outfit for a co worker's baby shower. below is the best picture of the bunch. i need to remaster lighting one of these days. i really like the sweater and the pants were fun to sew up. linen is so nice to feel.

the little guy having a wintry swing.

and his favorite thing right now is to look out the window at the tractor. he says brrrrmmm brrrmm all the while. i decided to take a walk with him over to see it and he was absolutely amazed. he walked around it so many times and kept wanting me to put him on or in it. it was so funny and sweet. it did make me wonder whether i was training him to be a boy or if it is just embedded in their little heads that trucks are neat. although, i have to say, if no one was looking a joy ride in that thing would probably be pretty fun!

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