Tuesday, February 26, 2008

moving along

getting back to normal around here. it is amazing how fast things can get chaotic, even in a small apartment, if you don't keep up with it for a few days.

i just picked up a couple of patterns for myself. i haven't made any clothing for myself since a brides maid dress last year that i wasn't particularly happy about. i hear good things about the built by wendy line from simplicity so here's hoping i can get it right. i never can quite get the sizing right but my sewing skills have improved exponentially since my last foray into women's fashion. there is a dress and two shirts i want to try. it may be a while but i will post the results when they happen.

kevin has been trying to get his drawing groove back. he hung up big sheets of paper down the hallway and has been doing some sketching. i hope it doesn't encourage eliot to draw on the walls , but its nice to see him drawing again either way.

we have another snow storm happening right now too. it looks wet and sloppy outside but inside my plants are happy! kevin is always trying to convince me they are dying but this is living proof that they are indeed thriving. just because they are growing a little crooked doesn't mean they are done for. i don't think my plants have any choice but to thrive as i have, at least, some of the dna of a plant goddess (my mother).


Tricia said...

Looks like he is going to have tons of fun. I love the picture

Heather L. said...

How nice to have some blooming plants when there is no hint of spring outside! We're having yucky weather too, but not as much accumulation.

What a great idea to hang up a long sheet of paper for sketching. Hopefully Eliot doesn't catch on! :)

Glad you got the card!

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