Monday, February 18, 2008

one more step

i am done with the sets i have been working on! final pressing and tagging all take quite a bit of time. im glad i havent actually timed an outfit out from beginning to end or i would probably never keep this up. i feel a little lost tonight with no necessary sewing to do. eliot is in bed early and i could really use a good book. i do have some excellent dark chocolate to indulge in that kevin brought home from the gourmet food shop down the street. it is a very dangerous thing having a shop like that within very easy walking distance. so dangerous in fact that i havent actually been in it for fear that i will never have any money left for fabric. i just look out the window at it longingly and hope that kevin will read my mind and bring home treats.

here are some pictures of what i have been working on. unfortunately it has either been fridgidly cold or raining the past few days so neither of my shoots went well. i also forgot a step stool to get up high enough for one so kevin and i were shooting up over our heads. you can see how most of the shots went below.. but... you get the idea for what i have done for Ann Veronica.

a few views of pieces of the little baby jeans. i embroidered red circles on the bottoms with a spiral stitch. it is hard to see the details with these shots.

another version of the red cord jacket. smaller buttons and a slightly darker red corduroy. the pants are linen, also with embroidery, but very hard to see in the photo. it is the same design and the diamond pant from last fall.

i made a little twill khaki jacket this time too. i like the fabric, it has a nice subtle sheet to it. i think the jeans are my favorite. they look really cute on. i will be making eliot something like these soon, i think.

so, i am done with my chocolate and i think i will now go and doodle some new thoughts ive had while writing this and hit the sack early. good night!

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Heather L. said...

it's fun to see your finished work! that gourmet food store does sound very tempting!!! wish we had one that close! (but maybe it is good we don't)

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