Monday, February 04, 2008

out of touch

i have been a little out of touch with the digital part of my life lately. very busy around here with sewing, work changes and general craziness. i did manage to finish a little outfit for a co worker's baby shower. below is the best picture of the bunch. i need to remaster lighting one of these days. i really like the sweater and the pants were fun to sew up. linen is so nice to feel.

the little guy having a wintry swing.

and his favorite thing right now is to look out the window at the tractor. he says brrrrmmm brrrmm all the while. i decided to take a walk with him over to see it and he was absolutely amazed. he walked around it so many times and kept wanting me to put him on or in it. it was so funny and sweet. it did make me wonder whether i was training him to be a boy or if it is just embedded in their little heads that trucks are neat. although, i have to say, if no one was looking a joy ride in that thing would probably be pretty fun!

1 comment:

Heather L. said...

the outfit is adorable! My boys would have loved that tractor too! can you email me your new address sometime-- i saw something cute in a mag I was going to send you.

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