Tuesday, January 29, 2008

missing summer

i have been missing summer a lot the past few days. i try to be a good sport about winter but around this time the lack of sun starts to set in and i get tired. im sure eliots teething marathon isnt helping but getting outside, no matter how cold, helps me. it was warm enough today for some good puddles to start forming and a very cute puddle jumper had a blast. i think it was his first puddle splashing experience. of course it all happens when the mama was without her camera or extra clothes. good thing grandma has a washer and drier!

good A Little Bunny news to share too. i am going to be selling some things out of the Ann Veronica shop in Cape Elizabeth. i had a great chat with the woman that runs the shop and she is very excited about what i have to offer. i think it will lead to good things. it means i will be very busy sewing over the next few weeks as she would like things up in the shop by the 9th! if not then by mid feb. *whew* i have a lot of work ahead of me! i will post about my progress, hopefully with current pictures next time :). for now, enjoy a couple of pictures from last summer.

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Heather L. said...

Summer is a long way off here -- we had our first tornado warning last night though (an early start to the season). Afterward the temps dropped dramatically and we got some snow.

That is very exciting that you have another shop to sell in! I hope you get a lot of sewing done, and Eliot cooperates!! :)

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