Friday, May 31, 2013

Incredible Whistling Baby

Before I show off my amazing child I will show you a work in progress.  It is a shirt and will hopefully be done soon!  Once I find some buttons I like I will give a better view.

So this is Willow the incredible whistling baby.   She now whistles on command, even.  It is an honest whistle with the intake of air.  She does it when she is crawling around or dancing.  I thought it was a fluke or Eliot making the noise but it is her through and through.  Such a riot.  A picture doesn't do it justice so I will try my best to get a video soon.

I got another 'kitchen baby' as I like to call my kitchen gadgets.  This one is a juicer.  I'm thrilled with it.  I have been juicing lots of green things almost everyday since I've gotten it.  It is such an easy way to get lots of greens in the system!  Eliot even drinks it as long as I don't use kale.  Kevin calls it 'medicinal eating' but I think its pretty good most of the time.  I like making veggie wraps in my dehydrator so my next step is to start saving the pulp (which I feel guilty about composting) and using it for something else.  Any tips?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Garden Updates

Some garden eye candy.  The state of the perennial garden is still pretty bad but until I get some hands free time it is just going to have to suffer.  But it does look pretty in its chaos.  

Pile of compost to spread around!

Future herb garden is happily being occupied by construction vehicles.  

The garden boxes are filled and the peas are coming up!  Now to make a trellis...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tea and Lilac

The lilacs are so pretty around here right now and ours are peaking in full blossomed glory.  We have one large bush smack in the middle of our back yard.  My favorite spot to sit in the afternoon is under it's shade for both the scent and the location.  We sometimes see Chicadee's flying in and out of this little house but I don't think they have ever nested there.  The past few days a Blue Jay has spent most of its time hanging out in the bush dropping to the ground to catch bugs.  The Cat Bird has been busy too.  They are fun to watch.  

I brought some of the flowers inside to enjoy at the table.  This is the first year that my headaches have been so few that I can enjoy lilacs inside without any side effects!  It has been a nice reprieve.  I only wish the lilacs would last a little longer.  But, it is the beginning of the garden show and for that I am grateful.

Tea time at the office.  This is where I drink most of my tea.  The ritual keeps me sane.  I am most certainly a creature of habit.  Thankfully, a vase of lilacs is now adorning my desk just outside of the frame.

A more  restful cup of earl grey in the comfort of my home.  I would like to replace our mugs with all hand thrown pottery.  It feels much more exciting to drink out of a handmade mug!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Oh my baby is growing!  She is almost 11 months now, so close to a year.  I honestly can't believe she is almost a year old.  Eliot is almost 7, where does the time go?  

Last night Eliot was curled up in front of his little CD player listening to the Hobbit.  That turned out to be a great choice vs me reading it out loud.  I estimate one more sitting and it will be done.  While he was doing that I found my old baby doll I had been keeping.  She is a little beat up and was referred to as 'headless baby' for quite a while until I fixed her head.  But, with a little outfit on, she is holding up.  Willow absolutely loved her!  She was cautious at first and then crawled over, scooped her up and started rocking her and talking to her.  She loves little stuffed animals but she has never treated them quite so gingerly. It was really fun to watch the way she interacted.  The cuteness is killing me.  

Our basement seed starting experiment is going really well, too.  It is simply a fluorescent light over soil blocks.  I had a really high germination rate so I need to go in and trim down the extras but I'm very happy with the results so far.  They all seem healthy and strong, I only wish I had started them sooner!  I'm writing everything down so I will remember for next year.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Walking

Some nature on our nightly walk.  We had our first thunderstorm of the spring season.  Once it passed we went for a puddle walk/ride.  Willow is really enjoying these walks and chatters and talks most of the way.  Eliot zooms on his bike and leads the way talking to all of the dog walkers we pass.  Our neighborhood is very quiet with very few kids but now we know most of our neighbors because of our little ambassador.  

Mourning doves singing to us.

I am not sure what these little white flowers are.  I thought they were blood root but now that I look at the leaves more closely I have too look them up.  We are always on the lookout for interesting plants and possible edibles.

Our ornamental crab apple tree is covered in blossoms this year!  I am so happy because last year it barely flowered at all.

Lastly our little rhubarb plant has grown a lot in 2 years.  We are planning to cut some this weekend and have our first taste.  Off to a nice weekend full of garden tending and planting, t-ball and mother's day!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

(K1, Read 1, Garden 1) repeat

I found a copy of the full Lord of the Rings trilogy in one book.  I love when I can find things for 1$ that I am looking for! This will keep me busy for a while and probably put me in a new prescription because the font so tiny.  Eliot is fascinated by the cover so perhaps he will read along.  I started reading him the Hobbit but it was a tricky read aloud for me.  A book on tape might be a better option.

A little bit of rabbit crafting last week.  I've been trying to think up a way of keeping the hay in the cage so that I don't have to sweep quite so much.  So far this seems to have been an improvement.  Not perfect but better.  It has an elastic inside it so I can pull it down to let the bunny out etc. The buns are enjoying the fresh grass and dandelions that Eliot is giving them.  Time to get the girls outside!

The garden plan is coming along.  I've decided where everything is going in the 5 boxes we have planned for this year.  Kevin has been the most excellent dirt mover a gal could ask for.  I have some seeds started in the basement but I have a feeling we are a lot late on those.  But we still have another week left of frost possibility so I'm not panicking.  I think I'll get seeds in this weekend and make some kind of PVC trellis.

I am almost done with the baby sweater I have been working on.  I want to use up the rest of the yarn but I also don't want it to be too long.  Ah well, something with stripes in the future I guess!  I'm ready to be done with this project.  I am not sure what will be next.  Maybe a little vest for summer/fall?  I'm itching for some new yarn.  I also am feeling like I want to quilt something or stitch something by hand.  We'll see what happens...

Yarning along over here...

Monday, May 06, 2013

Feeling like Spring

We have been a busy family this past week.  Two new garden beds built and ready for dirt.  I finished my garden plan and started a few late seeds.

Eliot started his first season of t ball.  He is so excited and cute about it.  He is very competitive so we have been putting a lot of emphasis on teamwork and good sportsmanship.  He certainly is fast!

Once he told the coaches he is a lefty batter he really hit well.

It is so funny to watch all the kids get distracted in the outfield.  Eliot wants to wear his uniform all the time.
This morning he told me he was ready for little league.  He would prefer it if they kept score.

Drinking iced tea now!  Yay.  Soon it will be warm enough to start making sun tea.  I can't wait.

Willow is so happy outside.  She loves to explore everything.  I have to watch her like a hawk or she will put everything in her mouth.  She definitely understands the word no but chooses not to listen.

 My happy girl.  She has such fair skin!  I'm trying to figure out why she is so red under her eyes and on her cheeks.  I'm not sure if it is the sun, sunscreen, allergies or what.  Could be teething related for all I know.  At least it doesn't bother her.  Ah that face.

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