Thursday, May 16, 2013


Oh my baby is growing!  She is almost 11 months now, so close to a year.  I honestly can't believe she is almost a year old.  Eliot is almost 7, where does the time go?  

Last night Eliot was curled up in front of his little CD player listening to the Hobbit.  That turned out to be a great choice vs me reading it out loud.  I estimate one more sitting and it will be done.  While he was doing that I found my old baby doll I had been keeping.  She is a little beat up and was referred to as 'headless baby' for quite a while until I fixed her head.  But, with a little outfit on, she is holding up.  Willow absolutely loved her!  She was cautious at first and then crawled over, scooped her up and started rocking her and talking to her.  She loves little stuffed animals but she has never treated them quite so gingerly. It was really fun to watch the way she interacted.  The cuteness is killing me.  

Our basement seed starting experiment is going really well, too.  It is simply a fluorescent light over soil blocks.  I had a really high germination rate so I need to go in and trim down the extras but I'm very happy with the results so far.  They all seem healthy and strong, I only wish I had started them sooner!  I'm writing everything down so I will remember for next year.


little macaroon. said...

Love your seedling laboratory! I'm not sure if I'd realised before that our kids have the same age gap as yours, nearly six years. I remember a (rather ungracious) friend telling me with haughty authority that my children will both exhibit "single child traits" (whatever the hell that nonsense is!). I am finding it to be blissful! No squabbling, competition or sharing issues, hurrah!

Heather L. said...

Your seedlings look amazing!!! I'm worriedly waiting for some of my seeds to come up in the garden. Not sure where they are???

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