Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tea and Lilac

The lilacs are so pretty around here right now and ours are peaking in full blossomed glory.  We have one large bush smack in the middle of our back yard.  My favorite spot to sit in the afternoon is under it's shade for both the scent and the location.  We sometimes see Chicadee's flying in and out of this little house but I don't think they have ever nested there.  The past few days a Blue Jay has spent most of its time hanging out in the bush dropping to the ground to catch bugs.  The Cat Bird has been busy too.  They are fun to watch.  

I brought some of the flowers inside to enjoy at the table.  This is the first year that my headaches have been so few that I can enjoy lilacs inside without any side effects!  It has been a nice reprieve.  I only wish the lilacs would last a little longer.  But, it is the beginning of the garden show and for that I am grateful.

Tea time at the office.  This is where I drink most of my tea.  The ritual keeps me sane.  I am most certainly a creature of habit.  Thankfully, a vase of lilacs is now adorning my desk just outside of the frame.

A more  restful cup of earl grey in the comfort of my home.  I would like to replace our mugs with all hand thrown pottery.  It feels much more exciting to drink out of a handmade mug!

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