Friday, May 31, 2013

Incredible Whistling Baby

Before I show off my amazing child I will show you a work in progress.  It is a shirt and will hopefully be done soon!  Once I find some buttons I like I will give a better view.

So this is Willow the incredible whistling baby.   She now whistles on command, even.  It is an honest whistle with the intake of air.  She does it when she is crawling around or dancing.  I thought it was a fluke or Eliot making the noise but it is her through and through.  Such a riot.  A picture doesn't do it justice so I will try my best to get a video soon.

I got another 'kitchen baby' as I like to call my kitchen gadgets.  This one is a juicer.  I'm thrilled with it.  I have been juicing lots of green things almost everyday since I've gotten it.  It is such an easy way to get lots of greens in the system!  Eliot even drinks it as long as I don't use kale.  Kevin calls it 'medicinal eating' but I think its pretty good most of the time.  I like making veggie wraps in my dehydrator so my next step is to start saving the pulp (which I feel guilty about composting) and using it for something else.  Any tips?


Heather L. said...

Can't wait to see this video of the incredible whistling baby!!! How fun is that?! Also loved the pictures of your lilac and tea -- saw it last week but have been so bad about commenting lately. Time is fleeting! I thought I wanted lilac perfume, now wondering about peony perfume? Or lily of the valley? These spring flowers are just wonderful. Hoping to get back to the garden today. Had hoped to do some each day but it is turning into once a week.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the comment I'm experimenting with the reply feature from my phone. It doesn't show up on my desktop so I'm wondering if you will get this directly to email!? Peony perfume would be wonderful! Ours are still tiny little buds. With the recent heat lots of things are popping out. I love summer!

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