Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sweater Love, Baby Love

I finally finished the little sweater I have been working on for Willow.  2nd sweater done!  I learned a lot about counting stitches and paying attention while knitting.  I do like a challenge and this one gave me just the right amount for this beginning knitter.  It isn't quite perfect but I don't think she minds.  I want to give cabling a try next... or maybe a shawl for me??

We had such a nice stretch of hot days around here the flowers have come out and a I am scrambling to get the rest of my seeds in the bed.  Everything is such a whirl with little ones that my garden plan has gone all to (you know) and I can't remember where I planted things again!  Ah well... at least they are in and who doesn't like surprises right?

The baby is so close to walking.  I keep saying that but it really is just a matter of her putting one foot in front of the other at this point.  It is encouraging when I have a little cheer leader following me around clapping for me all day.  And her little curls!  I wonder if she will be curly like her dad.

The leaves part of the sweater pattern are little botched in the last row but I'm trying to ignore it.  I like the blue and green combo with the seed stitch. It is nice to get another project done.

A good way to use up vintage buttons too!  The next one I make waaay bigger in hopes she can wear it for more than a month!

I am also yarning along over here and joining her awesome fossil hunting kit give away.  Pretty cool!


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The sweater is lovely.

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