Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Garden Updates

Another garden update.  I really need to do a kid update, soon.

This cute little guy followed us along on our walk.  All of a sudden I am seeing them everywhere.  As long as they stay out of the garden (and basement) I think they are cute and entertaining.

The peas are really getting tall.  The tomatoes are a little small and spindly but we'll see how they go.

Some beans that need some better trellising.  The carrots and a few other little things are finally sprouting.  I was a little worried they wouldn't come up!

The squash and cucumbers seem to be doing well, too.  The lemon thyme came back with a flurry and the creeping time is really creeping everywhere.  I need to move it out of the raised bed.

I was gifted about a dozen asparagus crowns that I decided to plant here next to the porch.  I was saving this spot for grapes and maybe a kiwi but I had to get the crowns in the ground and it was the only clear spot.  It needs a good weeding out but it is a cozy warm spot for them to live.

1 comment:

Heather L. said...

Your garden looks great! Further along than mine.....chippys are so cute. :)

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