Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Some Catch Up

It has been a while since I have been here!  My camera has been tucked away for a while but we certainly haven't been still ourselves.  The biggest news was Willow's birthday.  It is hard to believe she is 1 now.  We had thought about planning a big gathering but it ended up being a mellow affair with some family trickling in and out over the course of a week.  It was about the speed we were all ready to handle.  

We had a fun fourth of July up in Harpswell by the ocean and have been trying to keep cool ever since.  The garden has flourished in the heat.  Here is a picture from this morning.  The huge tangle of snap peas are just about done and will get yanked in a few days.  I'd like to try for some fall greens.  Lot's of my tomatoes from last year self seeded so they are mixed in here and there.  I'm curious what type we will end up with.  The plants I started from seed are doing great.  They really caught up.  I'll have a better plan for next year.  The only things that didn't grow for me this year were the broccoli and kale.  I don't know if they got eaten or what.

My biggest efforts lately have been to launch my photography website finally:  www.jessicaverry.com  

I have a couple of family portrait sessions planned for the summer.  So fun!

I tried a few new greens.  This one is amaranth.  It is so pretty and tastes a lot like spinach.  Much better when the leaves are small.  I'm letting a few of them grow to see if I can get any flowers.

The blackberries are really going strong!  I can't wait for the abundant harvest.

Eliot's hydrangea is doing fantastic despite being knocked every time someone opens his 'club house'.  It's growing fast enough that I think it will withstand the abuse.  The flowers don't even look real to me. 

I tucked in some flowers into the vegetable garden this year too.  It is nice to have little cheery faces among the green.  I like the bees they bring, too.  More to plan next year!

A little last minute photo session last night.  Mostly outtakes because no one really wanted to have their picture taken and Eliot kept trying to use my reflector as a frisbee.  I was working out a different lighting scenario.  I have some ideas and tweaks and next time I will wait until Kevin is around so I don't lose my patience.  This one is the best of the lot.

This is post shoot - so nice when they play together nicely.  Eliot is still learning how to help her vs try to move her body for her.

This was also post shoot.  The night walks continue.  I really like getting the bit of exercise and it is a good routine for us.  We also get to chat with the neighbors and hear the neighborhood news, pet peoples dogs and do some foraging.  The kids have been pretty sick the past week so he got to ride a couple of times.  Last night he just milked it - better exercise for me though!  She doesn't like that stroller very much because she can't sit up.  But she does like to be next to E.

Back to the outtakes:

Eating the greenery. Too much back light in this one.  And the rug is just a silly prop.  It looked a lot better in my imagination!

Walking away. (Oh I love those cheeks)

Blowing raspberries in the props.

Walking away again.   I like the light, the sun was still a little too bright coming from the back but it created a nice rim light when I had the angle correct.  

One last yard picture.  We were given a sandbox (back upper left) that has been super fun for both kids.  I thought Eliot would ignore it but he really likes it.  They can play together in it when he is feeling patient and W just can't get enough of dirt.  At least she doesn't eat it anymore!  The hosta are flowering like crazy.  Summer in Maine is so beautiful and fleeting.

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Heather L. said...

Your garden looks fantastic!! Can't get over Willow's adorable yellow hair with curls at the back!!! and those cute cheeks to go with it!!! What a sweet baby -- now 1!!! Also love the hydrangea. Maybe next year mine will bloom. I need to baby them a bit. Mom just got back yesterday and we spent a few hours hearing all about Maine. Can't wait to hear more and see her pictures.

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