Sunday, August 31, 2008

honeymoon red

hello! it has been a while but i am starting to come up for air. it is about 8pm and i dont have anything to do! i didnt realize how high my stress level had gotten until now. but, it was all worth it as the day ended up being beautiful and it all went off without a hitch. a few hair raising moments pre-wedding:

-tent guy going out of business and not telling us
-newish glasses first broken, then glue-gunned together, then falling to the bottom of the local duck pond
-trying on my dress and ripping the zipper-then fixing it

all of these moments that at the time seemed major and now seem very minor all lead up to a great event. i learned a lot about rolling with the punches and letting go of vanity. no one noticed that i was wearing my other pair of broken glasses epoxied together : ) i dare say i will NEVER go back to lenscrafters after having several lousy customer services experiences there.. but that is another story...

there are so many people that worked together to make this wedding happen smoothly i cant express my gratitude enough. the music, readings and decorations were just perfect for us. i dont have my camera back yet to get the pictures downloaded but soon i will share those! i only wish there could have been more time (and energy) left in the day, i feel like i didnt get to spend enough time with each person there. i know they understand, but that would be the one part i would change if i could.

i think i am going to take advantage of this quiet and clean (thank you hubby) house to read and go to bed early. btw i am reading Animal Vegetable Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver and i love it. highly recommended.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the circus

wedding planning has gone into hectic mode. both kevin and i are suffering from varying forms of anxiety manifesting as sleeplessness and digestive distress. it is mostly details at this point but im surprised at how many details have accumulated. i have become a list making crazy person re writing the same lists in different ways over and over.

we had one set back so far. the tent person we had rented through went out of business and didnt tell us! it was a little fishy when my deposit came back return to sender and his phone number was disconnected. so.. instead of a classic white tent we are going to have a rather circus looking yellow and white stripped tent that we have to set up ourselves. probably more fitting, really.

we are nearly done with the ceremony planning.. that will be the next big deal. after that.. well more details! the dress is done btw, although it needs an ironing big time.

eliot has been sleeping wonderfully lately and is talking up a storm. he really processes what he sees verbally now and it is fantastic to watch and hear. he likes to talk about how everything/one is walking especially. absolutely everything is walking, constantly. very sweet. he made an imaginary ice cream cone out of a ball and a block today. i dont know who has been giving him ice cream cones but he was pretty into pretend eating. i will have to try and make some pretend food for him once the wedding is done and i have my sanity back.

and.. seems ive been taking an unusually large amount of mushroom pictures and not a lot of kid pictures. so, here are some more fungi for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

catching up

we are in wind up mode for the wedding planning. The rsvp's are rolling and and the planning is happening at a rapid pace. not much time for blogging just yet im afraid.

some catch up pictures ...

we went to a wedding 2 weeks ago in harpswell. it was a beautiful day and location.

today we went to the audubon park/rec center and saw a big gaggle of turkeys with babies, several ground hogs, chipmunks and many birds.

working on the alphabet quilt...

and another dress sneak peek..

we have had SO much rain here the past week. i think seasonal affective dissorder has started to kick in. its tiering. but, it yields beautiful mushrooms when it clears. on our walk today i took lots of mushroom pictures. (pam, you should go and see these, they are amazing and so many varieties!).

i will post more of these in the days ahead.

a little thrift store shopping too.. a little stand that is good for holding desk clutter.

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