Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the circus

wedding planning has gone into hectic mode. both kevin and i are suffering from varying forms of anxiety manifesting as sleeplessness and digestive distress. it is mostly details at this point but im surprised at how many details have accumulated. i have become a list making crazy person re writing the same lists in different ways over and over.

we had one set back so far. the tent person we had rented through went out of business and didnt tell us! it was a little fishy when my deposit came back return to sender and his phone number was disconnected. so.. instead of a classic white tent we are going to have a rather circus looking yellow and white stripped tent that we have to set up ourselves. probably more fitting, really.

we are nearly done with the ceremony planning.. that will be the next big deal. after that.. well more details! the dress is done btw, although it needs an ironing big time.

eliot has been sleeping wonderfully lately and is talking up a storm. he really processes what he sees verbally now and it is fantastic to watch and hear. he likes to talk about how everything/one is walking especially. absolutely everything is walking, constantly. very sweet. he made an imaginary ice cream cone out of a ball and a block today. i dont know who has been giving him ice cream cones but he was pretty into pretend eating. i will have to try and make some pretend food for him once the wedding is done and i have my sanity back.

and.. seems ive been taking an unusually large amount of mushroom pictures and not a lot of kid pictures. so, here are some more fungi for your viewing pleasure.


Heather L. said...

I can just imagine how busy you are! Weddings are always so much fun to attend because everyone else is doing the work. :) It's too bad it has to be so stressful for the bride and groom though. i hope things go smoothly the rest of the way! I'm off today to help organize flowers for the Sept. 13 wedding.

So glad that Eliot is sleeping well!

The mushroom pictures are beautiful! Especially love the red one -- I 've forgotten its name.

Pam Strayer said...

Hi Jessica,
Loved seeing you, Kevin and Eliot last night. The bottom mushrooms are Indian Pipes. Never saw them last year. The first one is an unknown beauty and the middle one may be a wine cap.

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