Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow and Knitting and Babies

We had another snow storm that came through over the weekend that left the trees looking otherworldly.  This is the part of winter I like.  It does seem that we are getting all of our snow at once, though.  Another storm is due in tonight that is supposed to leave us with a little less than a foot.  We saw a huge possum the other night and the birds seem to be more active right now so hopefully spring is starting to make its way despite the snow.

I finished the baby sweater, minus a button.  I haven't decided what to use yet. It fits her perfectly which I am both happy and sad about.  It certainly isn't going to last as long as I thought!  She is really coming into her own right now and it is so fun to watch.  She is sitting up really well without tipping over right away and has started her first crawling!

She scooches on her belly for the most part but did a couple of backwards 'steps' last night on all fours.  So exciting! Look at those teeth!

A detail of the mesh pattern:

The tutu is killing me.  I can't get enough of it! I didn't think I would be the mom who wanted to dress up my girl in frilly cutesy clothes but I tell you it is irresistible!

A new wreath project I just started to try and add a little brightness to our kitchen/dining room. It is a little too leggy right now but I think it has potential. I'll dig up the original inspiration photo that came from Pinterest when I find it.  It is a French craft magazine - you have to click through to get to the wreath but there are lots of great projects and inspiration in there.

I'll be yarning along over here.


Jen said...

Oh my goodness! The tutu was killing me, too. That and the toothy grin. ;-)

She looks absolutely adorable in her new sweater. Great job!

Knitters Notebook said...

What a sweet model...your snow looks so pretty!

Andee said...

Oh what a cutie pie. I love the sweater and the tutu is just too cute.

Isa said...

Que tierno! un bebe precioso y el jersey muy bonito, felicidades dobles!
un abrazo

Heather L. said...

Your sweater is just gorgeous!!! And so is Willow! What fun she looks like!!! Lucky you to have snow! We are getting flakes right now but I don't think any will stick. What is winter without snow? Just cold yuck! :)

Nicole said...

I love the wreath. And tutu's are always too much!

Kymberly said...

Such a pretty sweater. Absolutely love it.

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