Thursday, February 21, 2013

Moving and yarning along

The little sweater is moving along nicely.  I think I will be done with it today or tomorrow.  I think I am going to leave it short sleeved so that Willow can wear it for as long as possible.  I figure a long shirt under it for now transitioning to a short sleeve under if she needs it later during the spring.  I made the 12 month size but she is already in 12 month clothes! Hopefully she will at least get the spring/summer out of it.  

This is what I have for a little yarn stash right now.  I haven't weighed it out yet but there are two balls of DK (not including the grey and green from the sweater) the yellow is worsted weight and the dark grey is a cotton blend.  I have no idea what to do with it!  Willow has enough hats and we are getting out of bootie season.  What do you do with your small balls of yarn?  I could do another sweater with the green edging I used for the above sweater but I don't want to do the same pattern again...any ideas or favorite Ravelry stash busters?

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