Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Walking

Some nature on our nightly walk.  We had our first thunderstorm of the spring season.  Once it passed we went for a puddle walk/ride.  Willow is really enjoying these walks and chatters and talks most of the way.  Eliot zooms on his bike and leads the way talking to all of the dog walkers we pass.  Our neighborhood is very quiet with very few kids but now we know most of our neighbors because of our little ambassador.  

Mourning doves singing to us.

I am not sure what these little white flowers are.  I thought they were blood root but now that I look at the leaves more closely I have too look them up.  We are always on the lookout for interesting plants and possible edibles.

Our ornamental crab apple tree is covered in blossoms this year!  I am so happy because last year it barely flowered at all.

Lastly our little rhubarb plant has grown a lot in 2 years.  We are planning to cut some this weekend and have our first taste.  Off to a nice weekend full of garden tending and planting, t-ball and mother's day!

1 comment:

Heather L. said...

spring is so wonderful! Your rhubarb has grown a lot! Mine are five years old but I have such poor soil......Oh well. Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!

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