Sunday, February 24, 2008


eliot and i have been knocked out with the flu since wednesday. it has been a long few days. kevin got the flu shot through his work and i think that is why he was spared. great way to loose a few extra pounds! but, the worst of it is over. eliot seems no worse for wear, other than a needling a little more mommy cuddle time, and that is certainly no problem. kevin has been doing a great job nursing us to health..he deserves an extra round of wings this week :) in my delirium he still wasn't able to convince me we need a dart board in the house, however.

being sick gave me a lot of time to sit and be still. i spent a much of the day on saturday looking out the window and watching the seagulls play in the updrafts between the buildings. then around sunset i noticed the scenes below. there is a huge group (actually called a murder) of crows that live in portland and roost in various spots around the city. right now they seem to be sticking to one spot down the street from us. it is really amazing to watch over 1,000 crows fly over head. they get in all kinds of tussles with the seagulls on the way by our windows. it is pretty dramatic and a little creepy. eliot signs bird like mad through the whole thing. forgive the low quality images, i definitely haven't been at my best! i want to go down and photograph the lot of them when they are actually in the trees. the sounds the make are pretty eerie too.

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Heather L. said...

I'm sorry you two have been sick! Ugh! We've got the colds here, and I have the worst of it, but that is still better than the flu. I hope you improve quickly!

How interesting about the crows! A little scary too! i hope they don't bother people directly too much.

Love the picture of threads.

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