Friday, April 12, 2013

Family Catch Up

It has been another long week battling a stomach bug with all of the lovely symptoms that come with it.  Willow is just turning the corner after nearly 5 days!  Whew.  Poor Eliot told me he was ready to give up.  He honestly thought he was going to die.  It was so sad.  It was certainly the sickest he has ever been.

Glad to have that behind us.  Willow is having fun and getting really speedy on all fours.  She has, thankfully, decided not to be afraid of the bunnies anymore but to chase them instead.  She is fast but they are much more spry.  They let her get just close enough to barely touch them then they hop out of range.  If they get sick of it they go back to their cages or hide behind the furniture.  I think they like the attention.  They are very social creatures.  The look of determination on her face cracks me up.

Smokey bunny checking her out.

Eliot was trying very hard to stand still so a bird would land in his hand.  He wants this to happen so bad!  I think if he worked at it diligently the chickadees might do it.  The birds are pretty active and brave around our house.

This sort of sums up how Eliot has been seeing the world lately.  Everything has been a battle with major testing of boundaries.  He will start arguments that have no good outcome good or bad.  For example the argument about why Willows eyes are blue and his have turned green and how that makes him jealous.  It is hard to bridge these moments but I'm trying to give him as much individual attention and outlets for his anger as I can as I think that is the root of it.  It definitely increases when he has had too much screen time too.  No one said it would be easy.  With warmer weather more exercise will help too I think.

My craft area is in total disarray, too.  There will be a 'great purge' coming soon.  It may involve give aways if I find anything worth giving away.  I need to get it down to one (or two) bins.  Totally sick of the excess stuff!

These are the happy moments. Lots of reading and drum playing.

1 comment:

Heather L. said...

I am SO sorry about all the sickness! Poor Eliot! He must have been so sick to feel that way. :(

So cute that Willow chases around the bunnies. I wish I could come over and watch that! I bet you are all so ready for spring and warm weather to be outside more.

Have a good weekend! I owe you several emails....

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