Friday, July 06, 2012

1 week with Willow

One week already!  We are all snuggling in with this new baby as much as we can.  I ended up getting a wacky fever that has thankfully gone away.  I think I lost about half my baby weight in water loss.  So we are spending lots of down time together.  I am thinking next week I will start to emerge back into the world.  It has paid off to go slow this time around.

Willow is sleeping well and starting to have more and longer awake periods during the day.  Also during the night.. but I seem to be adjusting to the 24 hour clock fairly well.  Thankfully Kevin has been on the go with Eliot during the day so we can rest and sleep. Sometimes it is hard to sleep, I just sit and gaze at her.  So tiny and sweet.  I know these days will fly by so I am trying to take the time to just enjoy her being so little even though it can be hard sometimes!  

I have lots of books at my bedside, too.  I haven't had this much time to read in ages.  I have grand gardening plans up my sleeve, heh.

Eliot has been singing to her in his cute monotone singing voice and very interested in how her little systems work.  He loves it when she looks at him and stops fussing when he talks and sings to her.  Thankfully his frustrations with not being the only kid anymore haven't been directed towards her.  He has been a little short with me but in time I think it will pass as we all keep adjusting.

We gave Willow her first bath.  Wasn't much of a bath because she hated it!  It was hard not to laugh at the sheer volume she exerted during the process.

She has been a really easy kid so far. Easy to put down for naps as long as she doesn't get the hiccups.  She really wants to suck her thumb but cant quite get it.  She is nursing a ton right now in between naps, I think she is growing fast.  At her 4 day check up she weighed in at 7lb 10oz.  That is a recovery from the 6lb 10oz she weighed after she lost the original weight after birth.

So happy days indeed.  Off for a nap!


Jen B said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations to you all, and a warm welcome to Willow! You have been blessed with such wonderful people around you.
Much love,
The Betancourts in South Berwick

Heather L. said...

She is too precious!!! And you are right that these are precious days -- look how much Eliot is enjoying her!!!! Can't believe she has gained a pound all ready! Glad she seems to be adjusting to life well.

Pam Strayer said...

Little Willow is so sweet!

One of these days we'll actually see each other.

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