Thursday, June 26, 2008


this is my 200th post to this blog. a lot has happened in those 200 words and images. here's to the next 100...

a beautiful double rainbow yesterday.

peony's in grandma's garden. they smell so heady and sweet.

helping grandma cook dinner.

a hazy day at the park.
and playing with his best gal olive. they are the easiest kids to babysit. they are so good together, no tears for over 3 hours! they share and play together it is so sweet. eliot went to bed faster than usual tonight after playing with her. here's hoping he sleeps all night!

he has been pulling all nighters again the past 2 weeks. we have been trying to adjust the way handle it and it is hard! i just can't bring myself to let him truly 'cry it out'. he was up one night for 4 hours and another for at least 3. it could be molars, but then again it's hard to tell. i keep telling myself its a phase. i really cant see myself having another kid until he can sleep reasonably well. i don't know how people do it. if any one has any getting kids to sleep suggestions or books please share!


Heather L. said...

Congrats on the 200th post!! That's terrific!

I love rainbows. I'm always looking for them.

I'm so sorry about the sleep issue. I can't imagine how hard that is. We have been blessed not to really have that problem, which would have been a nightmare the years I struggled so badly with chronic fatigue, not to mention pregnancies. :)

I guess I'm kind of the "let them cry it out" type, but I realize that's not for everyone, and I hated doing it everytime I did, and I know the feeling of wondering if they are in pain. I think kids do get in phases, and they definately get hooked on patterns. It's getting them out of a bad pattern that's a bit hard. I guess you're stuck trying to figure out if it is something that will pass, some form of pain he really is in, or something that he needs to learn to get over with a little "tough love" from you. I don't have any brilliant ideas. :(

Kirsten said...

Hi there -- I'm remiss, because I skipped town without being able to face editing photos, but I'm back onto it now, and will try to coordinate a cd swap, with Pete, too. I'm chiming in here because somebody gave my physical therapist the book "Solve your child's sleep problems" and said it was really invaluable (and this guy [the one about to be a dad] is somebody who works with kids all the time, so I guess giving him that recommends it even more?)

Talk soon!

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