Wednesday, July 02, 2008

flowers and busy bee's

start off with a roar. he hasn't quite gotten 'say cheese' yet. but, he can roar, and he can say bye at the top of his lungs. he prefers to say hi and bye to strangers, and pretty much everyone he sees on the street. so far it has been OK. i think it helps that he is cute. when he starts passing out his stuffed animals to the homeless i try to take deep breaths and imagine that they probably need a pick -me- up more than anyone.

he is such a monkey right now. he has figured out a few new climbing skills. he can hold his hands on the side of the table, pick up his legs, and swing. he figured out he can climb his changing table without any kid of box or stool and, the other day i went from one room to the other, and by the time i got back to the dining room area he was sitting all snugly in his booster seat. i figure he must have scaled the back of one of the chairs, gotten onto the top of the dining room table and managed to wiggle himself down into his seat. unreal. needless to say he has started learning the two word phrase 'time out' and repeating 'not safe' around the house before he does something he is not supposed to.

lots of mini wild life around my mom's house right now. kevin goes one way chasing butterflies and i go the other chasing dragonflies and damsel flies.

her garden is in full bloom. it is amazing how fast things come and go.

and the test dress is basically done. i need to hem the bottom. the fit ended up being opposite of what i expected. usually, for me, the top is too small and the bottom is too big. in this case the waist fit perfectly but the top was about 2 sizes too big. i need to take it in about 3/4 of an inch on both sides. im very glad i did a test first because i have come up with several changes i would like to make.

i think i am going to make the pieces separates. ill dig up the links to my inspirations at some further post. i want to take the top in and lengthen the bodice. i think i will make the skirt a tad longer and add a few pleats to the skirt at the top. this really turned out to be an easy pattern. it took me a while as i have about 1 hour chunks of time but it could probably be done by someone with moderate sewing skills in an afternoon. once i fix this one up and maybe add a ribbon around the waist i hope to get some wear out of it.


Heather L. said...

It's so exciting to see the practice dress! It's really nice. I love the shape of it.

Must be the stage these kids are in right now. David is into highlighters and drawing on his mouth and the wall. Crazy little kid.

Isn't nature so beautiful!

Laura said...

I love the fabric on your test dress---can't wait to see the final real one!

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