Sunday, July 27, 2008

dress inspiration

i am so close to being done with the dress! this is a little picture of the bodice top. it still needs a zipper but that is about it. i wore the 'test dress' at a wedding this weekend and it held up well. it was slightly tight in the top so im glad i havent finished the bodice completely for the final version so that i can adjust it a bit. i doubt it really needed the boning with the lining and interfacing but i suppose it cant hurt to be safe. the real test was the suck in and push up equipment. it passed although i was glad to take it off at the end of the afternoon.

i also wound up with a nasty sunburn. i havent had a burn in years, i am so cautious about sunscreen especially with eliot and i completely forgot to put it on myself. good thing my wedding is several weeks off..and i wasnt wearing something with straps!

these were the pictures i had in mind when i made the dress. took them while they were in the window not thinking about the image from the back showing through. i left them that way because i think it looks kind of arty but you get the idea.

a little skimpy but i like the bubble at the bottom and the flower detail. i still havent decided what details to put on mine. i really want to leave it out to think about it but i also dont want kevin to see it all put together.
i saw this one in person at my local bridal shop and it is SO heavy! i didnt bother trying it on because it looked quite a bit different in person but th is is the closest to mine of the three.

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Heather L. said...

Thanks for posting about the dress! It's fun to see a bit of what it will look like!

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