Monday, July 07, 2008

over and over

letters into envelopes is the most current repetitive motion around here. i finally was able to get the response cards to print properly using my printer. eliot was very helpful gathering them as they came through to the printer tray. he was also very helpful handing me many, many envelopes. next is stamping and addressing. i hope to get these in the mail by wednesday! then it's official, no turning back.

ive gotten some new inspiration for cakes and decorations. i do love cake. although i have a good idea of what i want i think i need to go around and taste test just for the fun of it. the dress needs to be the next big thing for me though. this coming weekend should be a big one for dress construction.

he has just discovered the nostril and all the mysteries within. i really have way too many pictures like this of him. poor kid.


Heather L. said...

How fun! doing the invitations was one of my very favorite parts. :) Maybe that sounds silly. :)

Laura said...

Cake tasting has got to be one of the absolute best parts of planning a wedding. If you have the time, I suggest making appointments at multiple bakeries so you can taste lots of cakes and filling/frosting combinations (not so much for choosing the perfect cake--more for just eating a lot). Because we were pressed for time and had to travel over an hour to each bakery we only ended up tasting at one, but it was so much fun!!!

Pictures of what you want the cake to look like are really helpful to the bakery as well, even if it's a bunch of pictures of different cakes where you like this about one cake and something else about another. I cut pictures from magazines and also printed out a lot of pictures from bakery websites, but I had one picture that was basically exactly what I wanted.

If you want a tiered cake, one suggestion I have is to have them make the cake smaller (like a 10", 8", and 6" tiers instead of 12", 10" and 8") and then if you need more cake to feed people, have them bake an extra tier that is cut but not displayed. Some places will also do a "blank" layer which is just deorated styrofoam if you want a cake that looks big, but you don't need to feed 200+ people.

I wrote about my cake at my blog if you're interested. It's under the "wedding" label. Incidentally, D and I just ate our "anniversary cake" this past week!

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